''The Lighthouse''
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I long for love. I crave for something bigger.

''The Lighthouse''

I long for love.

I crave for something bigger.

Better than anyone else ever had.

A passion that could eat through mountains as right as the river finds the sea.

I long for a love that will break me apart,

tear me down to the last bastions of my heart.

This beautiful, yet unobtainable conviction of the soul towards someone else.

Drunk of the devotion and passion of the flesh as if the world was burning down.

This love.

This feel.

It's you. ghgfjghjg ghffgghfghfghgfhfghfgg hgghjhffgsfdigdfjhbgidfbgidfbgdifhgidfbgdfubgdfugbdfuibgdufhbgdfuhbgdfuhbgdfjhbgdfuhjbgdfjuhhgbfjhbgfdjhgbfjhgbdfjhgbdfjhgbdfjhgbdfjhgbdfjhgbdfjh .........................

There is no other ways with you.

No escape.

As true as death finds life, forever will I gently drift towards you.

Because there is no other ways.

Is there?

Is there, my love?

For I am hopelessly in love with you...

you who are so...

oh so beautiful.

You are strength.

Strength that peaks through the pain.

Ever shattering the most wonderful agony.

A lighthouse that calls to the raging sea.

To a boat that no longer see land.

To a man who no longer feel love.

To his heart who no longer fear pain.

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