Love Declaration: A Poem
Love Declaration: A Poem love stories

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There is a passion that extends far beyond the norm. It is one that can but can’t verbally express to

Love Declaration: A Poem

There is a passion that extends far beyond the norm.

It is one that can but can’t verbally express to

you, by me.

Even the images that accumulate in my mind and the

act of touching you with my thigh, cannot come to

define the sentiments that whirl, whip and hide within

my body, heart, and mind.

From me to you, you are passion and love undefined.

It is not about sexual exploits, nor sessions that last

longer than some book excerpts.

It is not about beauty in context or anything that one

can see with the naked eye.

It is not about height, weight, skin tone, eye color,

ethnicity, faith, nor the age of you.

It is about untold sensations that rack my mind, body

and soul.

It is the amount patience, words and time invested

and applied both forcefully when I am in denial or in

caresses like waves lapping the seaside.

You have been and may always be.

You for me are passion, love, and ideal.

Far from perfection, we both are.

Despite being created to lead, walk and travel a

pathway in oneness, we are at a point where we


Your thoughts are attempting so steadily to mingle

with mine. To form a union far from what most can


In earnest honesty, I continue to deny.

What is a reality that most find between letters,

words and pages throughout time?

An expression of more than. An expression of more

of. An expression of more than ever.

A needing that overshadows wants and eclipses

worlds and souls.

You are. My god, you are. Passion, love and


Impatient. I am that and more.

Rationality has left me due to uncured traumas and

lacking desires.

Voiced to the heavens and felt unresponded and


Suffering, both inflicted by me and those that creep,

steal and burgled.

Holding that torch of burning light, that dims ever

slightly now.

Almost fading away with the hope, dreams, and faith

I once had.

Toughening me and causing a heart full of care and

love to turn and become bad.

A heart now near appearing like the core of the frozen


Cold, unfeeling and a spring of hot and ravishing tears

for things both lost and unobtainable.

All in all, my mind screams. My gut meets it with that

chorus. And my heart taps to a beat.

You are what will make me complete. Complete beyond

what most claim and fear.

You are a passion, love, and completion never

thought possible.

Passion, love, and completion that sometimes seems


Passion, love, and completion deem by the one true


The one added to me, by him, to equal a whole and


Hear my love declaration.

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