interviewing @sisay!
interviewing @sisay! interview stories

alwaysgaming @sisay is a simp
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Interviewing @sisay was a fun experience. it was very hard editing, dm me if you want to get interviewed in the future!

interviewing @sisay!

as you can see from the title, I will be interviewing @sisay!

before we start, go follow the amazing writer and read his posts!

let's start the interview!

(This interview has 11 questions!)

Question 1. after you finish HAOTW 2 what are your future plans?

Well, I don't have anything planned for right now. And it's unknown if I'll even finish it to begin with.

oh really.

Question 2. I heard that you are making a scratch project, what're your future plans for it?

About that, I'm planning for the last update to come out on Thursday.

oh, that's great to hear!

Question 3. Are there any goals you are trying to reach this moment?


oh ok.

Question 4. is there anyone you want to shout out that is a great friend of yours?

@wafflecatz and @playdodo3.

great choices!

Question 5. do you have an exact date on when HAOTW 2 chapter 2 will come out?

No, but when I get closer to release I'll certainly release the date.


Question 6. are you thinking of quitting/taking a long break on commaful?

Not right now But it may happen in the future, we'll see.

Question 7. what do you do outside of the commaful community?

That's rather private.


Question 8. is there anything about your life you want to say?



Question 9. who inspired you to go and start a new journey on commaful and how is it going so far?

I wanted to post HAOTW somewhere after some stuff, and I discovered this website. It's going amazing, yes.

great to know!

Question 10. do you have a favorite commaful writer and why?

Well, I don't have a favorite, there's too many-

I don't have a favorite too but what writer do you like a lot?

@wafflecatz, @btsismybias and so much more.


Question 11/last question. to end off this interview, is there anything you want to say?

Goodbye, everyone!

Well, there goes the interview!

thanks to @sisay for spending his time!

go follow him and read his amazing posts!

if you want to get an interview in the future, dm me!

Stay safe!

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