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sweet dreams and wishes

sweet dreams

it's your free day. you can sit on the couch snuggled in a blanket with a hot cup of chocolate to warm you even more. you're reading your favorite book to bring back happy memories.

you are having a sleep over with your friends. before going to bed you played some horror games together for fun. now you all are a bit too scared so all of you are watching cute kitten videos.

you feel happy, fulfilled and safe.

you're baking a cake with your mom. it's the cake you loved since you were young. you reminisce with your mom about your childhood.

your mom gets tears in her eyes and tells you how proud she is of you and the person you've become. you start crying too and you hug each other.

all your responsibilities are done way before your deadline. you feel relieved and proud. you can reward yourself with some good food and a good rest.

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