for my friend
for my friend i want to celebrate with you when you find yourself again stories

alvpxo tumblr: pinkbyunnie
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i love you so much. i wish for you to see how much i love you and how worthy you are of love, living and happiness.

for my friend

i want to apologize for not knowing what to say and how to help you

i want to apologize for all the hurting and suffering you've been through

i never knew how much they did to you

things you didn't deserve

things you believe you deserve

my heart aches for you. all i know is how much i love you

how much you've still got to do

there's so much potential and hope for you

you can still grow and heal

i have hope and trust in you

and lastly i want to tell you how proud i am of you

for holding onto life.

it must've been so hard.

i'm grateful you're still here.

please hold on longer,

i can see better times coming.

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