Today I thought about killing you
Today I thought about killing you regret stories

alvinkim random verses
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To the backdrop of "I thought about killing you" instrumental by Kanye West

Today I thought about killing you

Yea, Today I thought about killing you..

All the shit you say, you don't believe it do you?!

check on reality and stick with it,

cause the path you went down, there's no pity for you

Not giving a damn came back eventually,

and not knowing what you're here for, hurt exponentially

Can you really blame anyone but yourself?

can't even get the will to DO something FOR yourself

The past has come and gone, and you won't get it back

so why you waiting to regret when you didn't act?

You'd like to believe in God, but commitment you lack

Couldn't keep a job if the job was to slack

I know it's kind of sad,

writing raps, what you wish you had,

what you wish you did, how you wish you'd act

but we both know that just wasn't fact

and only emphasized things that you lacked

weakness personified is the best way to put it

writing rhymes to hide what's in the pudding

when you can't face reality, i guess that's insanity

fill your vocab with profanity, and argue with the utmost vanity

how can it be, that you bother me so,

I guess it's cause you ARE me. I just thought you should know

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