The unwanted Gifts
The unwanted Gifts stories
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alvee Community member
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A poem to help us deal with pain and sufferings of life.

The unwanted Gifts

I welcome you to learn from you.

You taught me patience, you taught me resilience.

You taught me to question, to look for answers.

You hit me hard, you heal me slow. You make me suffer, you let me grow.

I've had my heart broken, my whole world shaken.

You made me cry, taught me to try.

To see the good in bad, to look for light in dark, to seek pleasure in pain, to find wisdom in failure.

You remind me of my mortality, strike me back to reality, to rethink what truly is my priority.

You may take my life one day, still i welcome you, because i shall receive the last lesson of your teaching, through death, I will learn from you.

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