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Why we should as "WHY" more and more and more.

Realizing core purpose

In life, the importance of asking “WHY” is much greater than asking “HOW”.

Asking yourself about WHY you’ll do what you are wanting or planning to do before asking HOW you’ll do it is very crucial because only by realizing “WHY” (you need to do what you

are wanting/ planning to do) you will either be invested through finding the task to be meaningful,

interesting and valuable or be “not interested” in doing what you’ve been wanting to do by realizing what a waste of time it could be.

For example; after graduating high school, we almost immediately start trying to figure out how to get into which college,

most of our friends start applying to different colleges like everyone does and like our seniors/parents before us did.

I think, before getting into or applying to get into college one should always ask him/herself WHY they need to get into college. The answer is different for each individual.

Some may analyze this question to find out that without a college degree they might not be able to get a job in a field that they are interested in,

some may realize that they do not really need a college degree to do the things they want to be involved in later on in life,

some may think that a degree itself may not add a lot of value in his/her life but the 3-4 years of experience of living in a dorm/apartment with fellow students,

travelling as an exchange student, being independent, making lots of friends, attending lectures,

being engaged in curricular/ extracurricular activities and meeting great minds be it teachers or anyone else will eventually add immense value to their lives.

And after analyzing “WHY” do I need to get into college, assuming that the answer is “yes, I need to get into college/ yes, I want to be a college student”,

one should then ask “HOW” (how to get into college). Before committing to something, one must analyze the reason and truly dig deep to realize the core purpose of committing to that something.

We can practice this before doing anything and everything, before buying the latest iPhone, before thinking about getting married, before starting a business, getting a job,

before starting to follow a religion, buying coffee or before saying “NO” to someone asking for help.

I’ll explain; So before getting married/committing to marry, I think one should ask him/herself a set of questions to really dig deep and find out why marriage might be important.

Here are the questions I think one should look into for answers; Why do I need a partner? Why do I need to be committed to one single person?

Why do I need to commit to my partner legally through marriage?

Only after realizing the answers (could be different to each individual) to these questions should a person think about what kind of a partner he/she wants to be with and all those things.

only by realizing the core purpose will a person be more invested in whatever he/she does, can be business, following a religion, reading books, marriage and anything and everything.

To conclude, I feel if we do things without realizing the core purpose of whatever we invest our time in is us acting like sheep and following the herd.

So, analyze what you’re getting into and try to realize how it’ll add value to your life. After all, life is too short.

No matter if you’re a CEO or a person without a job, your time on Earth is limited hence valuable. It only makes sense to invest time in something meaningful to you.

Do not act on impulse or react, rather sit back relax, analyze and respond. “You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you.

True power is sitting back and observing things with logic”. ~ Warren Buffet

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