Purpose of human life
Purpose of human life stories

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Why God created humans

Purpose of human life

God created the world and everything in it not to serve humans, God created Humans so we can serve, protect and preserve all of God’s creation.

We use animals for entertainment, for business, as mode of transportation, we cage them, we torture them and end their lives.

We cut down forests to make furniture to grab lands and build modern cities to live in , we destroy wild life and grab animal territory.

We pollute the atmosphere, the water, the soil, we kill each other out of jealousy, anger and self interest.

It’s time we understand why only us Humans were gifted with a mind, the ability to think, to create, the power to make a positive impact on all beings and all creation of God.

Those seeking the purpose of life, all humans were made with one single broad purpose

we were all created to help the world flourish, to plant trees, to feed the hungry, to help the poor, to help animals and to help each other.

We were all made to work towards one goal, ensuring the longevity of our planet , to make sure that life on earth continues to flourish long after we are gone.

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