When the Guns Fell Silent

When the Guns Fell Silent peace stories

alvarendra Visceral Junkie!
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A vision of the future that might be

When the Guns Fell Silent

Here I stood as a conqueror. The ashen sky above and plains of grass stretches from pole to pole. The sun's warmth pierces through brimstone and fire.

The human race will be adrift. At the mercy of the winds of fate. I puff my cigar when a whiff of air lift them away.

The trail of smoke guided my eyes to a house of cobblestone. A voice called out from inside.

A fair lady cladded in crimson red leaned against the doorway. A sight to behold, she wore them with immense charm and grace. She caresses her belly before giving me a faint smile.

I've been to hell and back. Ages I've endured, and tempted by the doubt of looking back. But I wouldn't trade the roads I have traveled and the battles fought. For it meant wishing my life away.

I'll take what I have. For I am at peace.

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