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A love poem, if you let me write you one.

Strawberry Hair

Put my heart on your charm bracelet.

Wear it on your sleeve

So anytime, anywhere

you can always count on my heartbeat

Unlock my phone with your fingertips

Leave your fingerprints on mine

Hit my power button off

Keep me away from the world

Just the two of us

Remind me

To press

the enter key twice

To put

some space in my poem

So you can have enough room

To dance

between my words.

We don't need a grand ballroom

For our chests to collide

You said

My kitchen is big enough

To let Beethoven fills the room

with Fur Elise

The melody he composed

For Lady Therese

So Therese

Can play his feelings

Simply, but still pretty

Like your nightgown

Fluttering as we spin

Like your upside frown

As we let our touching skin

Speaks of our innocence.

You can keep your glass slippers to yourself

There's no need for fairy godmother in our story

You don't have to leave after twelve

We'll dance barefoot on my kitchen tiles

Or on the grass of your childhood park if you want to,

Like Ed Sheeran,

our own Perfect

We'll catch our breaths

on the park bench

When you're too tired

Rest your head on my lap

Run my fingers through your hair

Let them pick that strawberry scent

Then down to your blushing cheek

To paint your nickname

Strawberry Hair

But only if you let me do all that.

If you don't

I'd settle with your strawberry taste

On my memory

I'll keep it in my breast pocket

So if you ever leave

I know which jacket I should stop wearing

So strawberry can still taste like a sweet thing for me.

But let's not think about either of us leaving, shall we?

Whatever will happen

Right now, you are

my strawberry taste

My one and only race

Where my ego doesn't mind losing

For now, you are

forever my safe place.

You can have my promise

That I will always be your safe place

I did say that to many girls before

So it's an empty shack

But you can try to reside there

And if you like it

You can stay

You already got the key anyway

Even before I gave it to you.

If you like it,

If you like me,

Ask me to make it your retirement home.

If you do

I'll build you a pier

So you can rest your ship ashore

With a lighthouse

So I can light your way

In case you want to set sail again.

That being said,

Strawberry Hair,

I'm hoping you've had enough sails already.

And finally

Ready to settle in.

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