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The alarm clock went off for the third time. This was a clear sign he was late, very, very late.

Running Stars

The alarm clock went off for the third time.

This was a clear sign he was late, very, very late.

Karkat punched the clock off and got up.

After performing a usual ritual that consisted of brushing his teeth whilst running his fingers through his hair, he threw on a simple outfit and ran down the stairs.

The walk to the bus was always a lonely one. Being it was winter, the wind always made a point to take a stab at him, biting and nipping. It threw everything at him that it could muster.

It didn't take too long to get to the bus, but in the middle of the dark, he had to admit it was kind of scary.

The tree branches stuck out weird, like a person realizing their bone was broken causing the limb to bend the complete wrong way.

Every now and again, a piece of snow would flutter in front of his eyes, or touch his nose resulting in a Smack-On-The-Face.

At least it woke him up more.

Karkat crossed a vacant telephone pole and sat down on the bench beside it to wait for his ride.


What the hell was he thinking? It had been snowing and he just attempted to make himself comfortable on a water infested seat. He jumped up feeling the fabric of his pants grow damp.

Great. Now he would have to deal with this on top of all the other stupid and frivolous things today.

A light shattered his view as the bus slithered down the road and towards him. It made something of a screaming sound before coming to a halt, the doors thrown open by a mechanical arm.

Karkat walked onto the bus, this time taking seat four, towards the front, so there was less of a chance anyone would notice what had happened, or what they thought happened. Immature idiots.

Shit like this only happened in comedy movies when it was actually funny.

Parallel to him, a kid smothered in white face paint wouldn't stop staring at him. Karkat couldn't imagine how anyone had the time or care in the morning to do something like that.

Alright... he was starting to get uncomfortable. Maybe this guy had seen his pants and thought he had wet himself or something. Whatever it was, he had better not be getting off to staring.

Karkat straightened his back.

He was going to make a casual side glance to get a better look at this creep.

He tried to look without the guy knowing, but Facepaint randomly bursted out in laughter.

Oh no.. this was it. He had seen Karkat's pants, and he was definitely going to make a scene.

The bus jerked forward at the motion of stopping to gather up the group of kids waiting to get a ride.


The Facepaint guy slid over.

He just jumped up and squished Karkat as if it were as normal as home cookouts on Sunday.

Of course this would happen too. This was all the snow's damn fault. Otherwise, he'd be sitting in the back ALONE.

"Hello." The clown said.

"What do you want?" Karkat folded his arms.

"Ohhhh nothing. Now listen brother, I seen you be sittin' down on here with so much BRAVERY. NO ONE sits on the bus carrying their motherfuckin selves like that."

Karkat stared at this guy for a moment. He certainly looked like a winner wearing his polka dotted sweat pants and dazed smile.


"And I just thought it was so cool. Like... a miracle... you followin?"

Karkat had no idea how to respond to that. Instead he gave a nice verbal sigh and looked out the window. The clown continued.

"Say... what... what is your name?"

Karkat sighed again. "Karkat."

"Oh that's wicked bro, my name is Gamzee."

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