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Episode 1 of Know the Talent(KTT). Guest- @alanad

Know The Talent(KTT)

This week let us get a few pieces of advice from the Commaful Star. The other week I will interview a budding writer. This repeats alternatively.

Know The Talent(KTT) EPISODE 01

Know The Talent(KTT) EPISODE 01 Guest: Alana D'cruz (@alanad)

I have gone through your posts and I recognized that you are a huge supporter of Commaful. I truly appreciate that. How did all of this start? What motivated you to do this?

I never knew about the issues going on here until I saw a post by one of my commaful friends.

I never knew about the issues going on here until I saw a post by one of my commaful friends. He talked about the things which weren’t following the rules of commaful and I afterwards agreed too.

Since then I'm trying to team up with the ones who are contributing towards the community for its betterment and trying to make commaful a better community cause it deserves

Since then I'm trying to team up with the ones who are contributing towards the community for its betterment and trying to make commaful a better community cause it deserves love and peace.

How did you come to know about Commaful?

Honestly, I was pretty bored in this quarantine and I got an idea from nowhere to start writing poetry. And so then I searched for the best poetry site and commaful was the first one so I went with it.

At the initial stage, many of us find it difficult to express ourselves through poems. I believe that you too faced the same problem. How did you cope up with it?

I think since I joined commaful, my way of interaction has also changed. I became very open throughout this poetic journey. In fact, I got a lot of supportive people here which made me very comfortable in this community and so I started expressing my feelings more.

So yeah all the writers here must express themselves more. It helps!

Which genre do you like?

Not sure, I'm very moody honestly.

Hmm..Not opening up! We will still make a dig.

As you keep gaining followers it is also possible that you gain haters. Did you experience this? How did you avoid them?

Honestly, I used to cry several times previously when I used to find that someone actually hates me. But now I think that I do have more haters but I have my loved ones too. They are the shield in my life defending me from all these storms so I don’t care about the haters anymore.

Yeah haters gonna hate. So do your work.

What are your views on the current situation of Commaful?

Well, commaful definitely improved in past few months so the condition is pretty much okay only.

How do you feel when you get fewer likes for a post? Do you take any remedies for the next poem?

I don’t care if I get a few likes in my post. Likes don’t matter to me anymore. Yeah but if I just get 10 likes then I try to make my posts more creative and rich in vocabulary and metaphors.

Most important thing is not to take the amount of likes to heart. That's true.

I have observed that you have a good flow of words in your work. How do you get that?

It’s all the magic of syllables. I try to put at least 10-11 syllables in one line and do the same for all the lines. So the flow is maintained.


What care do you take for the background format?

It depends on the topic I'm choosing. If the topic is deep and emotional, I keep everything black or greyish, if its a hopeful piece then I put as much colours as I can.

I have read your funny works too. The most captivating series is that of the two friends. How did you design the background images?

Haha, yes people do ask me about it. I actually use an online site which I can only tell personally hehe. Its a comic making site and I try to make it look as cartoonish as possible.

This is hard. Girls are good at hiding things.

What do you do when you get writer's block?

I don't write. I read a lot then. And as soon as inspiration strikes I start writing without hesitation.

One person whose work you admire a lot but you never got a chance to tell them. You can consider this as a platform.

Honestly, I think I told all the ones I admire a lot. But I think @kaylyn seems a person who is super talented but I never got a chance to tell her. So yeah, it’s 'kaylyn'

New writers here are getting trolled and are facing problems due to bullies. Did you ever face the same? If so what did you do?

Honestly, I never faced bullies but some other things when I was new here. I did felt heartbroken at first but now I think that people can hate me as much as they can, I won't get into their trap.

She is stronger than you know!!

Your suggestions to the writers to gain more recognition for their work?

Don't think about likes and followers, this is the main point. Only hard work matters. Do a lot of hard work and you will automatically get lots of love.

Is your brother still troubling you?

Haha, thats his daily job.

All siblings are the same.

How do you manage your school work and Commaful?

I use commaful in the straight morning and at night. I study in the afternoon and evening.

That's it. Thank you @alanad for answering all the questions. Hope this helps all the budding writers.

See you next week with a budding writer explaining about his/her works.

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