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Know The Talent Episode 2

Guest- @inksanddreams


Welcome back to the series and this week it is a surprise to everyone out there!

Welcome back to the series and this week it is a surprise to everyone out there! She is a girl with a lot of potential.

Welcome back to the series and this week it is a surprise to everyone out there! She is a girl with a lot of potential. The girl whose poems are still at the back of our minds.

Welcome back to the series and this week it is a surprise to everyone out there! She is a girl with a lot of potential. The girl whose poems are still at the back of our minds. Let's push them to the central part of the brain!

Know The Talent(KTT) EPISODE 2

Know The Talent(KTT) EPISODE 2 Guest - Nikita Mishra (@inksanddreams)

Welcome to the show. First things first. What motivated you to have a username like this?

It really was just the first thing that sprung to my mind. Ink, paper, and (somehow brilliantly revelatory) dreams are the bare minimum I need to write my heart out, so I figured I could fuse the two and create an interesting nom de plume. Has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

Yeah, it sounds too good. Don't ask me. I googled the meaning of 'nom de plume'. It's a pen name.

Yeah, it sounds too good. Don't ask me. I googled the meaning of 'nom de plume'. It's a pen name. No wonder my English scores are low.

The first thing which attracted me to your blog is the tagline 'love, live, laugh'. Can you write a small 3 to 5 line poem on the relation between these three?

Sure! This isn’t necessarily a piece of poetry....regardless of that it is the most unparalleled advice I have ever received!

β€œLaugh even when the world tries to silence you. Love even though you’re bleeding out inside. Live like you’ll die tomorrow.”

This is wonderful. Need to read this advice every day.

Your first poem here on this site is "The Weed" I have read many motivational poems but this seems to be a bit different. Why did you give this the title 'The Weed'?

When I was in the premature stages of penning and drafting β€˜The Weed’, it’s sounded pretty much like any other motivational poem. And I thought, β€œWhere will that get me?” β„‘π”«π”³π”žπ”―π”¦π”žπ”Ÿπ”©π”Ά, β„‘ 𝔑𝔒𝔰𝔦𝔯𝔒 𝔣𝔬𝔯 π”ͺ𝔢 𝔴𝔬𝔯𝔨 𝔱𝔬 π”₯π”žπ”³π”’ π”¦π”«π”‘π”¦π”³π”¦π”‘π”²π”žπ”©π”¦π”±π”Ά.

This poem revolves around and dramatizes how a little girl is contemplating her identity and battling an array of adversities, so she decides to spend time with nature. She trips and falls on a weed and that is sort of the last straw for her.

Subsequently, she just lays there and takes time to heal (this is deeply emphasized; 𝘩𝘦𝘒𝘭π˜ͺ𝘯𝘨 𝘰𝘯𝘭𝘺 𝘦𝘯π˜₯𝘴 𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘯 𝘡𝘩𝘦 𝘸𝘰𝘢𝘯π˜₯ 𝘴𝘡𝘰𝘱𝘴 𝘣𝘢𝘳𝘯π˜ͺ𝘯𝘨) because it seems like destiny is against her; every new chapter is worse than the last. Eventually, she gets up and continues into the vast expanse that is life.

Now, most writers would flaunt how she forges ahead...but I thought my poem should focus on another segment: the weed (or adversity) itself. Thus, I named this piece β€˜The Weed’ as it is the cause of the entire healing process that takes place for her.

Well, I am speechless. In case you didn't check this poem please do read it. You will find various elements beautifully showcased and hidden. The link is in the comments sections below.

Wait, I am actually angry at you. I fear horror. I read your poem "Silence" and I don't know how my night will be! Did you get this at 4 in the morning? Can you explain the story behind this "Silence" without silently skipping this question?

Alright! So, I have this quirk wherein if I am in melancholy, rage, fear, or am lonely, bored, and anxious I observe how I feel and try to pen it all down. I then pick sayings and quotes from that list and weave them together. Essentially, that’s what’s happening here.

That's a trick actually. Pen it down whenever you are struck with emotion.

You are not letting me complete it.

Go ahead!

Actually, the time I wrote this was midway through quarantine. The entire world was just in such a vulnerable position and I was extremely terror stricken and beside myself!

I have a tendency to overcomplicate things and suddenly I found myself wondering what would happen if the virus annihilated us into oblivion.

I found myself pondering how eerily silent the world would be and how we would all be engulfed in a sheet of tenebrosity until nothing but dark beings remained. It’s more of a free flow thing rather than a concrete one...not my best nor my favorite, but I must admit it helped me ease into a more tranquil state.

Yeah, I completely understand! One minute!

"Hey, Google! What is the meaning of tenebrosity?"

Moving on, Are you really 13? Because the ideas portrayed through your poems are much mature.

Haha! No, really, I’m flattered but I’m just 13. :D

At 13, I was still eating mud!

Why do you think the butterflies were demons all along? (The link to this is in the comments section below) (Sorry! I am a bit noob at understanding the inner meaning)

As I’m sure you know, butterflies are one of the many insects who help in pollination. They spread the pollen from flower to flower and help to create new plants and help the flora bear fruits.

But little by little, corruption has also been spread in our world. In the racism, homophobia, assault, abuse, and bullying. Is it possible that these misjudged β€œbutterflies” spread rumors and hate instead of pollen, much like demons? That instead of helping new flowers bloom, they cut the very roots of our humanity and existence?

This is so freaking nice! Man, let me tell you do check her poems! You will find a unique writing style. I am not biased. Just speaking out the truth.

I am not exaggerating but when I read your poem " The Sea and I," I felt I was standing there with my feet becoming wet. What's the magic behind this flow? How is this possible?

Thank you so so much! That is really satisfying to hear as a writer. There are a few techniques I use to maintain what I call β€˜the flow’.

Wait! Let me jot them down.

First of all, remember: "π–•π–—π–”π–ˆπ–Šπ–˜π–˜ π–”π–›π–Šπ–— π–•π–—π–”π–‰π–šπ–ˆπ–™." Only when you value the procedure can you unlock this tool. I usually come up with a plot if it’s a narrative poem like β€˜The Weed’...but if it’s a poem like β€˜The Sea and I’, which is more of a free flow, I jot down some phrases, words and sayings and use those. Flow charts and mind maps are a humongous help!

If you’re feeling blank or devoid, know it’s ok to take a break. This state is not guaranteed, but if you open up your chakras, meditate conventionally and have an overall open and vulnerable mindset, you’re sure to find the magic within! Oh, and also just coffee. πŸ˜‚

Seems like a spiritual help and oh yeah I love coffee!

Did you ever feel low when your posts got fewer likes?

Yes, I get crestfallen and downcast whenever my posts get fewer likes. Most authors on this platform say that likes do not bother them, but I have always had bad blood with this.

I just feel I will never find my true purpose and that I will lose my writing talent. Writing is like a lifeline to me. Even when I talk, you can hear the β€˜writer’ in my voice. I’m just being honest with you. This really is a major issue and it truly hurts me.

Let me be frank with everyone out there. When we give 100% effort into our work and we don't get enough recognition for it, we feel worse! It hurts us really hard! Read, appreciate, like, and repeat. Like if you appreciate it.

Let's not lose our precious writers, please. Let's encourage their talent. We can do it, right?

One message you always felt to pass on to others when you get a chance?

β€œImperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ― Marilyn Monroe

Yeah, madness leads us to success.

I am actually happy that you accepted my invitation. Will you continue writing? Because many readers are waiting there to open their minds. Will you fill them with euphoria and magic?

I am on cloud nine right now. This opportunity is my dream! I feel like I’m being recognized for the effort and time I have invested. After careful consideration, I have resolved to continue writing and filling my heart with constellations and your minds with vivid imagery. I’m back! πŸ–€πŸŽ‰

Let's cheer her up! We want her back. I won't mention here anything about her poem " Her Flight". You all have to read it. The link is down below. That was a beautiful poem. Do read and then you will come to know about her writing style.

One person whom you like to thank but never got the opportunity to. You can consider this as the platform.

I’m in debt to a friend from my childhood. I won’t share personal details as she may not be comfortable with it..they say a woman is known for the company she keeps..this friend of mine was an avid reader and got me into reading at an early age, which sparked my interest for literature.

Without her, I may not have even taken this path and I wouldn’t be a writer. I never got to thank her, as I moved away.

A huge round of appreciation to her friend.

The craziest thing you ever did?

I won't share too much as I'd like to remain a little anonymous in terms of my identity, but I joined a choir thinking it would be a casual thing (it's a surprise I even made it through the auditions!) and then went on to perform THE BEST SHOW EVER at Dubai Opera.


Another time, I went scuba-diving in Oman (and then proceeded to write tons of poems based on it.) Fun fact: 'The Sea and I' was written on this trip.

When I used to live in India, my complex was in close proximity with an old/abandoned Air Force Training Center (it has moss growing over it). Should I write something based on this?

Yes, you should obviously.

Anyways, it was closed off and the only way to reach this was to climb up a wall behind the amphitheater, and then walk a little bit through a forest clearing, and, if you were lucky, you could glimpse a monkey or parrot or even a peacock on the way there! It was a route I took with my friends all the time and barely thinking of it gets me emotional (yes, I'm one of those people. Say what you will!)

You are a girl filled with an adventurous spirit.

I took that path once with my friends when it was raining and saw peacocks dancing in the rain with their beautiful foliage spread out. Not that crazy, but definitely an anecdote I would love to share.

To see peacocks dancing is my dream! I am sure you must be dancing on seeing them. I asked her one and she gave me three things. Benefits of interviewing a writer.

As a writer how many times do you verify your work?

Wow. I verify my work around 3-5 times after I'm done writing...Here's the thing about me; I don't even know if what I do after penning the verses down is counted as "verification". I am such a hopeless perfectionist that I keep editing and editing and editing until there's nothing left to modify!

I have an issue coming to terms with the fact that sometimes raw emotion is what draws the human mind in the most. I try to cover that up and sometimes it doesn't work in my favor, but I must admit that we are all flawed in some way and that's what distinguishes us and sets the burning passion alight in our hearts.

Yeah, we all edit our work more than 5 times and imperfection is our beauty. We learn and grow.

Well, that concludes the second episode of the series. Wishing you to be the next Commaful Star! Waiting to read your work again! Thank you! I enjoyed all your answers and I even learned new words. Time to impress my English professor

Thank you so much for having me on this segment of your wonderful series. I had tons of fun answering your questions (which were very insightful, might I add!) I wish nothing but the absolute best for you and your writing journey. <3333

That's always my pleasure. Thank you for your wishes. See you in the next episode!

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