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Know The Talent Episode 4.
Guest - @snowi


A bow to everyone here on Commaful. I am back with the fourth episode of KTT and I am very excited to interview this writer. His poems talk about our day to day life and lift up our spirits.


KNOW THE TALENT(KTT) EPISODE 4 Guest - @snowi (Theo)

How are you, Theo?

I'm doing fine.

Just a few posts and you have gained hearts. Why did you leave? It's time to tell them.

I didn't leave Commaful necessarily, but I've taken a long break from posting (not that my schedule was consistent previously). I wanted to focus on my mental health and believed that writing about these topics with the hopes to gain likes wasn't helping it, and if anything this was making me feel worse.

I also hadn't realised that my posts did have the potential to help others, but more on that later.

You have a lot of skill and everyone knows that.

Theo, you are a writer who can write anything which we can relate to. That only a few people do. This is what we want. Will you come back to make us feel your posts?

I will come back soon, and hopefully with writing which may help others with their struggles (or even just relating to), and writing that takes the form of whatever is on my mind.

That's great news, isn't it?

The poem I liked the most is 'Stormy Day'. This assures us that we all will be fine someday. What made you write this?

I wrote this for the purpose that you stated in your question; for assurance. I wanted to use a metaphor, being the storm and sun, to represent this.

Yeah, I liked the way how you structured it.

''I remember when...", a masterpiece I must say. How did you get this idea and this format? What care did you take?

I didn't get this idea from anything in particular. I had an idea of a topic to write about but wanted to write it in a creative form for more meaning. And this was the first thing that came to mind. It's repetitive, yet shows the contrast between then and now.

Be sure to check this poem.

At 14, you sit there to express yourself. I admire that. Do you want to say something about the hardest time in your life?

The hardest time of my life was only a few months ago. Everything was just...

The hardest time of my life was only a few months ago. Everything was just... so much darker, and I felt betrayed by those who I loved the most, when I needed them the most.

Hope everything settles down quickly.

Whom do you admire here?

I haven't gotten the chance to explore Commaful too much so far, but I admire anyone who takes the time on here to express their feelings, or to help others, or to entertain others, or simply to have fun writing.

That's an honest reply. You've got a point.

How's life now?

Life is certainly better now. I talk to a therapist and have great friends.

That's exciting!

Do you consider the likes you get for the post or your work which is connected to your heart?

I do consider the likes as much as I don't want to. I still try my best to write out of my own experiences or beliefs and nothing else.

Yeah, a potential writer with an extraordinary poem and huge recognition is indeed perfection!

What is your goal?

On Commaful? If so, I'd like to be fully genuine and help others who may have experienced similar things.

That's so sweet.

What kind of books do you read?

I read a variety of books, whichever I find interesting.

A person whom you want to thank but never got the chance to. You may consider this as the platform.

I'm honestly not fully sure. I think that I've thanked everyone who I wanted to, though I may be forgetting.

Yeah, so thanks to everyone.

Your motivation to write?

My motivation to write is the ability to share my own feelings through metaphors and symbolism.

What care do you take while writing poems?

I would say that I'm careful to write what I truly believe/feel.

This is short but most important. Sometimes writers miss their own point while formatting their work.

Are you writing any poems now?

I'm not writing any poems currently.

What are your hobbies?

I write, play tennis, play video games, watch YouTube, study, and some other not very exciting things.

Did you say video games?

Tell us one memory which you can never forget.

The moment when I asked someone out, and my future flashed before my eyes; a brighter future.

One word to describe you.


Complicated things lead us to success.

That's the end of today's episode. Thank you, Theo for your simple and sweet answers. Be sure to check his poems. They are amazing.

The guest for the next series is a total surprise. Keep guessing!

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