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altruistic Last post - KTT 8 will be out soon.
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Know The Talent Episode 7

Guest - @jinxedquill

I enjoyed this.


Helllllllooooo This is the 7th episode of KTT and without any further delay let's peep into the writer's mind.


KNOW THE TALENT(KTT) EPISODE 7 Guest - @jinxedquill

Here we have Ricky's empty diary. This diary answers all our questions. Magical diary

Mr. RJ, do you speak English?

🀐🀐🀐🀐 (I didn't brush yet so keeping my mouth shut, just in case you faint)

Savage to start with.

I was arrested yesterday. They asked me for my leader's name. I gave yours. I practically followed your 5 steps. Why would someone want to give a tutorial on that?

Oh no! You must've messed it up since last step says 'Gone forever, NEVER to be found again!' Not my fault πŸ˜‡

And if there can be a tutorial on 'How to zip your jacket' then there totally should have been one on zipping off a person! It was lacking, so unfortunate! So I wrote one 😁😁 (You can thank me personally 😊)

Did you just realize that he didn't even sympathize with me? I was in jail yesterday with all the mosquitos biting me.

Why did you delete most of your posts?

Hmm well...

I am full of crazy philosophical thoughts and one of them is 'Nothing's permanent in life & so why should my posts linger forever?'

Exception being the collabs as others may (read as 'surely') not agree with my philosophy or submissions to any contest. So I remove my posts as soon as they hit 6 days of life😊

But it is very difficult for researchers like me.

Congratulations on the video on Punctuated Life. You not only play with words but also punctuation marks. How do you get these crazy ideas?

Ohh for the video I must thank Ros and for that 'crazy' idea I must thank Deb! That was such a creative prompt! And I felt inspired (read 'hit by brackets') to try to do something out of the 'bracket' 😁

What rhyming!!!

How is your Sundial E-Book Contest going on? Until now whose did you like the most? Ok, no revealing if it is a secret.

Ohh that contest is going on so well! We never expected to get so many responses! We feel damn lucky!! And we really are grateful, and yet again realized how great this community is😍😍

Ohh that contest is going on so well! We never expected to get so many responses! We feel damn lucky!! And we really are grateful, and yet again realized how great this community is😍😍 (Winner will be announced soon....stay tuned bro😜)

'They begged me to...,' were you a killer in your previous life?

Previous life!? Oh you disheartened me! I thought I am one in THIS life itself ☹ (I must go read my own tutorial 😏)

NOOOO. Believe me. Prison sucks.

You are a person with an insane mind and a pure heart. I knew this through your posts. Why do you like this type of horrific format?

Oh thank you😊 Though I am not quite sure about the heart thing as I never had an ECG (not yet atleast) but yes my CT Scan did reveal that my brain (often referred to as mind) has certain important parts missing!

So please don't blame me for the insanity and liking such horrific formats, blame the maker whoever wired my brain and horrifically f***ed up!

This is hard. Need to grill him to get the maximum.

Your pen name too.... Why jinxedquill?

Just because it's catchy & go well (a little too well) with enchantedink πŸ˜‰

Oh yeah, now I know how to ask him.

Mr. RJ, what was your first impression on Ms. JR?

Umm hmm! Is this a trick question? Did she tell you to ask this? 🀨🀨 In one word - Impressive! (Just to be safe, in case she did ask you to ask this😬)

Just to be safe? I leave this to Julia's imagination.

Ghostwriter, such an amazing collab. Whose idea was it? Can you throw some light on it?

Oh yes, one of my favorite too! Idea was all Diana, she came up with this. And I couldn't let such an amazing thing go away!😊

The idea was based on the fact that even in death a writer couldn't actually stay away from writing. So a ghost, who was a writer in life, befriended a living writer to get a mean for expressing her creativity. (Spooky!!😬)

Ahem. Not as spooky as your answers.

Your Rondelet Prompt Battle is like a song that can be sung over and over. According to you, who did better? You didn't cast your vote.

Thanks but please don't try to sing it now!😜 And do you really want me to endure a constantly pouting gf? No way I am casting my vote🀐

No, I suck at singing. And yeah that's true can't bear someone who pouts constantly. Don't vote.

I am seriously addicted to your poems. 'A rainy evening,' inner emotions so perfectly pictured. Do you love rain?

Yesss indeed! Rain is my 1st love! (not counting some certain living creature though). Rain always brings out ripples of emotions and thus I somehow end up writing about it or during it.

Hope you find a frog at your feet next time when you are in the rain. Can you write a short poem about getting wet in the rain?

Oh well, here you go - Drenched to my bare bones, drizzles droplets invade pores, yet soul remains parched.

Do you have anything to say about the RJ's Friendship Chronicles Book? That was so sweet of her.

I have no words to express my feelings about those chronicles!! There's no words in any language to express how I felt after reading those chronicles.

You do realize that these are words right? Just to be sure.

Sorry. Go on.

All I can say is that I am deeply indebted to Julia as well as my friends who considered me worthy enough to write those amazing words! (Tissues please...)

How do you deal with depression?

Maybe you should ask Depression that question, it suffers a lot from me!!

Jokes apart, I write when I feel depressed. I let myself get lost in the world of words, and they take away the pain. Some times I take a walk, or just scream! Both help though I find writing to be the most useful way to fight depression.

Screaming also helps. True unless someone calls the police.

One weird thing you did and lied to Ms. JR

Okay you totally were bribed by her!!!!!!!!!

I am so not stepping into that trap! I NEVER ever lie to her, I am completely utterly dedicated to her! I can't even imagine lying to her, that's a sin! (Enough proclamation of my innocence I guess)

One minute, I am still processing it.

Ahem! Innocent until proven guilty.

You have done various collaborations. Whom do you wish to work with again? (One name only. No smart replies and yeah exclude Ms. JR)

Ummm....I love ALL of my collaborators!! ALL is a pronoun anyway! (Phew...almost lost it!!!)

What sweet name did you give to your fierce girl?

Ohh yes, I call her JULU (Sorry sweetheart, but you spilled enough beans).

Oh Hello JULU (No, she will kill me.) Hello Julia.

Your favorite pastime?

If I am not sleeping then I am chatting, so sleeping and chatting! (Now don't you dare laugh!)

Chatting with whom???? Never mind. We know

"Oh, how I loved 5-star hotels," I loved that sentence at last. What made you add it?

Ah yes that one! Partly because I really love them. And partly to emphasize the cold-heartedness of the protagonist of that story. It gave that story a closure, yet kept things pretty open. (What a stupid explanation! Doesn't even make sense)

Of course it makes sense. That's a perfect closing line.

Any message to the fellow writers here?

My only message is that "We have built a family here, bound by tendrils of spooled words, and I wish we'll all care to share our joys as well as heartbreaks with each other without any fear of being judged, strengthening this family even further."

That's like a poem itself.

Ready for a small game?

It is called 'The Shoot' So basically I will give you a few phrases/words you need to shoot them with the names of writers here.

Before that Mr RJ, can you come in person. It's hard to get pictures of many books from these stock images.

Didn't expect this twist. No wonder you are insane. Shall we start?

Shoot!!! (Where's my gun when I need it??)

No gun. You are not a killer here. Come out of it for few seconds.


Innocent @alanad @orcastogether


Lovely @goldenfeather


Comical @vpoem (can't share her name, she 'll SHOOT me) @magnalia


Terror OMG I have a long list for this, everyone always terrorize my poor soul! But none can surpass Julia ( @enchantedink )

Most Helping

@alanad @debadityadutta Tesnalia Tesa ( @chrysalis_06) + @magnalia (Siddhi)

Love your work

Ohh, how can I answer that!! Probably none!

Ofcourse we do.


Respect Yosi (@antisclxtrovert) Hailey (@hymn) Sergio (@cardenio) Amlaan (@soulstitch_04) and ofc Rees (@fathomless)

That's a huge list. That comes to the end of this episode. Have any questions for me?

Yes of course! How much time do you spend researching before each interview?

(Coughs) Well, it depends on the number of posts. So for a new writer I take few hours but for seniors I take about one to two days. For personal questions I have to dig the collabs too..

Thank you so much Ricky for answering my questions most savegly. Take care and all the best.

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