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Know The Talent Episode 6
Guest- @cameroncarterro


Welcome back to another episode of the KTT. Today we have here a girl with a special name. Joined a week ago but already setting a mark.


KNOW THE TALENT (KTT) EPISODE 6 Guest - @cameroncarterro (Carter)

Hello Carter, how are you? Are you enjoying this community?

Hi! I'm good. Thank you for asking that, I am really enjoying reading other people's work and sharing my own. I'm having a really great time here.

When did you join Commaful?

I joined a week ago when I realised I really wanna share poems and this was the first site that came up.

I agree. This site is excellent for poetry.

'Only nights know,' it really shook me up. Is this based on personal experience?

I'm really glad you liked it. It's kinda based on half reality and half fiction. I do sometimes have those thoughts but I come out of them

Glad that you come out of them.

What are your views on bullying?

I hate bullying. I was bullied in second grade myself and I read a lot about it too.

That's sad. Don't worry, they will soon know about you.

What genre do you prefer?

I prefer mystery thriller and tragedies. Not really a sucker for happy endings.

From your short answers, I already came to know that you are mysterious. And yeah, sometimes happy endings are a bore. Not every story needs to have a happy ending.

How did you come to know about Commaful? (Boring question but have to ask)

I was actually searching for websites similar to Wattpad but for poems and voila.

I get the same answers for this. Need to change my questions.

How was your first day of school like?

It was terrible. I had to be taken home because my nose started bleeding and I was crying a lot.

I was also crying but my nose didn't bleed. That's sad.

Are you still having weird dreams like you had when you were 8?

Yes, i do have them. I have a lot of them but I forget most of them the moment my mom wakes me up.

That happens but my mother wakes me up only when there is a twist in my dreams, you know, at the right moment.

'You dying,' is really a fabulous piece. Especially the end... Can you throw some light on your dark phase and how you overcame them? Believe me, many of us need this.

I was watching a video where people were talking about their loved ones who committed suicide. That piece is so close to me since it was the first I wrote when I started to write.

My mind goes to pretty dark places and it's so difficult to shake them off. Writing, music and Walking outside really calms me down. And you should believe that it will be okay since life is not one way up or down and that's completely fine.

I loved the last sentence.

What is your favorite movie? (I think I am having an interviewer's block!) Does that exist? Never mind.

I don't really like movies, to be honest. But one that I watch all the time and not get bored is Mr. Bean's holiday.

Ahaa! Mr. Bean

Got anyone to thank? You may consider this as a platform.

I think one of my friends, Josy Evans. She's one of my pen pals who doesn't even know my real name but she really appreciates what I write and the first person I share it with.

A thank you note to Josy Evans from Carter's end.

Your favorite moment?

That's tough... I think the moments with my parents before my brother was born. Those times were so precious.

Yeah, every elder child feels that.

Which flavor do you prefer in ice creams? (Weird question right!)

I love cookies and cream. I ain't gonna trust you if you don't like it.

What? No I love cookies, Cookies are my life, Cookies are everything, Cookies are sweet.

That's awkward right!

As a writer, what care do you take while editing?

I take care of the spelling and whether or not what I write actually makes sense. And the writing style too.

That's good.

Any message to your friends here?

Unfortunately, I don't have any friends here since I'm new but... I swear I'm trying.

Well, that's ok. You already got one friend here.

That's it for this episode. Thank you Carter for your lovely answers. You are mysterious. Be sure to check her poems and develop new friends.

See you in the next episode with a very very very special guest. Any guesses? Do mention then.

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