It's a NO.
It's a NO. no stories

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Go through your mind.

It's a NO.

People struggle to meet their ends. They want to achieve everything in life. How does it feel to touch the sky? Don't know yet since I am still on the journey to the sky.

Believe me, it is difficult but not impossible. It is said Men are born with EGO. I think it's true. But that ego should not affect others.

Why can't we digest when a girl rejects us? It's not that they are putting us down. Believe me, they do not have the intention to also. They just have their priorities and they value them.

It's called Self-love or Self-respect. We ask them why, what, how? They do struggle a lot. Why should they tell us their reasons?

Why is it hard to be friends with them again? We feel bad when we are rejected but they also do feel bad for rejecting us. We don't understand this or rather do not try to understand. Everyone has their own battles to fight.

Let us try to think from their perspective. You never know what she is going through! When she says, 'Let us be good friends!' It's not wrong. She does not want us to leave. Don't ask her for the reasons. Just accept it.

Because we do not ask our mother why she loves us Carry her memories. Loving is not getting what you want. It is giving her what she wants. Sorry if I have hurt anyone but this is the truth.

Finally, if she says a No, it's a NO! Accept it to get the best.

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