The Forgotten Memory (continuation)
The Forgotten Memory (continuation) stories

althysa_ricaAn active writer in wattpad @thYsa16
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I now remember everything

The Forgotten Memory (continuation)

by althysa_rica

As far as I want to remember the truth, Lies keeps on chasing.

The boy in dreams that always telling to listen to your heart

Follow the right path and travel as far as you can

Is dead in my memories. No Face. No Name. No Familiar Voice but familiar in my heart.

As I follow my heart, There I saw the truth and lies stops on chasing me

The paths that are curve are now straight and right

Lies are now truth and right

The castle is now filled of happiness and honesty

And the man in my dreams is you.

Is the man that I loved in my past

But he never loved me back

And everything happen with a reason


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