Words That I always wanted to Hear Chapter 5
Words That I always wanted to Hear 

Chapter 5 boyxboy stories

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It was getting harder to breath.

Words That I always wanted to Hear Chapter 5


Morning came as the sun shined bright against Caleb's Window. It was a weekend today, Therefore, Caleb wanted to sleep more.

He shifted to his side comfortably and closed his eyes, awaiting sleep to overtake him.

Yet his mind has other plans.

There was something lingering in his thoughts and telling him to go out for today.

But His body didn't want to.

He was so tired yesterday and wanted rest. What possibly could make his body feel better by moving?

He groaned in defeat as he got out of bed, getting ready to go out.

He was coming down the stairs as he saw his mother smiling at him while cooking breakfast.

"Goodmorning sweetie" she said, her voice calming and sweet.

"Morning Mom" Caleb replied as he went to the table to eat breakfast.

His mom served him a fresh plate of bacon and eggs and sat at the chair across from him. As Caleb was eating, his mother eyed him carefully. Of course Caleb noticed, with a full mouth, he asked.

"Something wrong mom?" He said, his words seems a bit unclear because of the food in his mouth.

"Don't talk while your mouth is full" She said, grumpily, not tolerating any rudeness.

"Say, Do you have a girlfriend?" His mother asked, a sly smile on her face.

Caleb, who was eating his food, almost choked by the question. Getting his water, His mother added

"Or maybe a boyfriend?" She asked again, her smile much more slyer than before.

Caleb put his water down the table, afraid of choking to death. He answered his mother by saying


"Aww, why not? Do you have any crushes or something?" She asked again, hoping to meet his son's "other half"

"I don't have one Mom" he said, confidently. It took a moment when he absent mindedly said

"Well, maybe" he continued, mumbling the last part, wishing his mother didn't hear it.

Before she could comment, Caleb got out of the table and said

"I'm going out for a bit"

(Whew, glad I avoided that)


Caleb was walking down the streets, observing every little detail of the outside world. Enjoying the peace that the world gave him.

(Its really peaceful huh?)

He thought, Inhaling the fresh air, what his mother said suddenly entered his mind. When his mother said the word "boyfriend" a picture of Oliver suddenly comes to thought.

Blushing, He turned his attention to something else as he went to a convinience store, remembering that his sister said she wanted milk bread.

Setting foot in the store, The cold conditioned air was the first thing he felt.

He looked around looking for the aisle where the milk bread was yet his eyes landed at a familiar blackett, Looking up and down on an aisle and cart full of medication?

Concern flooded him without a reason, Without thinking He went to him.

But the other black haired boy didn't even notice him, he was too busy picking bandages.

"What are you doing here?" Caleb suddenly asked.

Surprised of the sudden voice, Oliver let out a small yelp. He turned around only to see Caleb, looking down at him.

(Wow, You could really see the height difference from here huh?)

Oliver thought, After all, He was definitely shorter than Caleb.

"Eh?, I didn't notice you here Caleb" Oliver said, sounding casually as possible. After what happened with Calum he really didn't want to see Caleb yet.

"Why are you buying meds and bandages? Are you hurt?" Caleb asked, raising an eyebrow as his thoughts was filled with never ending worry.

And at that moment, Oliver didn't know what to say. He lowered down his head, afraid of showing Caleb his panicked expression.

He wants to say that he got scratched by a cat and show his scars yet who would buy that? Especially when there's multiple cuts in his arms.

He felt a lump in his throat as his hands started to sweat.

(A panic attack?)

He thought, He didn't know what to do. He didn't know what to think. What would happen? What If he finds out? Will he tell other people? Will they tell me that I'm sick?

It was getting harder to breath.

He was shaking.

He inhaled deeply as he pulled himself together. He thought about happy thoughts.

He mustered up all his courage and faced Caleb. Who looked, Concerned?

He inhaled the conditioned air as he made up a believable excuse.

"My neighbor's body is weak and he often gets wounds, He just asked me to buy meds" Oliver said, Hiding his panic and putting up an act as he flashed Caleb a fake smile.

"Oh" Caleb said, his face softening as he felt a wave of relieve overcome him. But of course, it was strange-no-it was doubting for him since Oliver replied a little late.

Not only that, He was shaking? He tried to shrugg it off yet he can't. He was worried.

(Is it weird to be worried by someone you just met in a week?)

(I must be being paranoid)

He thought, Oliver flashed him one last smile as he head to the cashier. Caleb's chest tightened, He didn't want Oliver to go. Not yet.

Without thinking, He grabbed Oliver by the arm and asked him absent mindedly.

"Can we hang out?"

When he heared himself, He blushed profusely but of course he didn't want Oliver to see. He lowered His head down as an attempt to hide his flustered expression.

Oliver chuckled at the other teen.

(He's cute)

He smiled again, tenderly this time, the heavy feeling going away. He said


Surprised that Oliver agreed, Caleb looked up, only to witness Oliver's breath taking smile. It made his face more flustered than before.

(It wasn't so bad to go out after all.)


Look, I'm sorry for the short chapter okay? Its just that I'm still in the middle of my exams today.

But yeah, who knows? Maybe I can update more than my Update schedule right? Anyway Hope you enjoyed It and prepare for some fluff~

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