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"I love you" Yamaguchi finally said, eyes glued to him as his mouth broke into a tender smile.

Haikyuu fluff♡

Note: Characters AREN'T MINE. All belongs to the creator of Haikyuu. If you don't like boyxboy then please don't read.

Hinata and Kageyama have been doing well lately. Though they do fight, it was a friendly one. A jokingly fight that only happens between two friends.

Though Kageyama and Hinata has been partners and even friends, the two was hopeless when confessing they like each other.

It wasn't obvious to their oblivious teammates but It was definitely noticable to one. Tsukishima Kei.

"Great Job everyone! Lets call it a day!" Daichi said, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

"We'll do a little more!" Hinata told their Captain, itching to practice more than they already did. It has always been like that.

"Ahh, only a little more alright?" Daichi said in defeat, knowing that the two wouldn't even bother to listen if he said not to.

He took his belonging and went to the club room to change, Where everyone else already are. Kageyama and Hinata was left alone, practicing a "little more".


Yamaguchi and Tsukishima was walking home, side by side, Just like always. Whenever the two walks, The atmosphere was never awkward, no matter how quiet it was.

They were always surrounded by comfortable silence, contented with the just the presence of each other. It was then, Tsukishima broke the silence.

"Do you know that the King and that human tangerine are in love" Tsukishima said, eyes still on the road.

Yamaguchi was of course shocked. Not because of the new information, but because "Tsukki" talked first. Tsukishima wasn't really the type to start the conversation.

"Eh!? Really?" Yamaguchi replied, hiding his surprise as much as possible.

"Seriously? It was so obvious" Tsukishima sarcastically said, his saltiness showing.

Yamaguchi just smiled, He smiled as cheerfully is possible. Thinking how much Tsukishima was quiet, he really didn't expect him to speak.

Mind full off intention and hoping his salty friend to say "yes", He said

"Tsukki, Can I stay at your Place tonight?"

Tsukishima stopped, it wasn't rare for Yamaguchi to stay for the night but "Why so sudden?" He thought. Calculating what might happen, He didn't know He was taking too long.

"Its okay if you don't want to!" Yamaguchi said, waving his hand, his face flustered. Signing him that It was Fine if he didn't agree.

"No, You can stay" Tsukishima said, Leaving his thoughts and just making the decision. He continued walking, leaving Yamaguchi behind who has a shocked yet excited expression.

Yamaguchi inhaled the fresh air as he said "Thank you tsukkiii!" Catching up to him, his face smiling wide.

There, The two walked contentedly to Tsukishima's house.


Hinata and Kageyama now both felt exhaustion catching up to them. The two now both promised to practine ONE MORE before going home. It was a weekend tomorrow, They should rest. Maybe.

Kageyama setted one last ball and Hinata spiked it flawlessly, as always. When they were finished, They rested for a bit by sitting before they cleaned the gym.

"A little more" always lead to this but then it was the first time that Hinata's breathing became heavy, almost like he was grasping for air. Concerned, Kageyama went closer to Hinata.

"Oi, are you alright?" He asked, blushing and hiding any signs of worry.

Hinata looked at him, Breathing heavy as ever, face also flushed. Kageyama was taken aback by his expression, It was unbearably cute. But of course He picked up all the signs.

He lifted up his hand, nervousness crawling up in his throat. Placing it at Hinata's forehead, he felt an abnormal heat enter his hand. Just as he guessed. A fever.

He took back his hand and made a decision.

"Oi, rest there for a while okay?, I'll clean up the gym" Kageyama said. It wasn't really that hard to clean everything up after all.

Hinata looked up once again, Dizziness overtaking him, he couldn't help but just nod. Kageyama sighed as took one last glance at Hinata. Another blush forming.

Worried still, he made sure to quickly clean the gym. Given by Hinata's state, he started picking up all the balls they used.

Hinata felt horrible, he felt weak. He didn't know how to or what to feel today. He felt Hot, He felt cold.

He just wants to lay in his bed, enjoying the quiet melody of the wind.

He felt like he didn't even want to walk.

He lifted both of his hands and hugged himself, attempting to stop his body from shivering, an attempt to stop feeling cold.

When Kageyama finished everything that has to be done, He came to where Hinata was. He was still shaking, probably from the cold.

It pained him to see Hinata in such a state, furthermore, Kageyama brought his own jacket to Hinata, covering him since Hinata forgot to bring his.

Knowing that Hinata can't walk in his own and given the fact that the infirmary is already closed he just made up his mind and decided to carry Hinata.

He was blushing profusely even when he was just thinking of it. He set aside these thoughts and got all his belongings, carrying Hinata and Leaving the sick crow's bike in the rack.

(He isn't so heavy)


Kageyama was now almost at Hinata's house, he had been there before and his mother recognized him. Still, It was really awkward, Hinata was now sleeping soundly at his arms.

Everytime he looks at him, he feels a wave of heat come up to his cheeks. Still walking, a sudden blow of wind hit them, of course it was cold but Kageyama didn't mind.

Not until Hinata snuggled closer at his arms. Behaving like a lost puppy that was found in the streets. Kageyama blushed again, this time even redder than before.

"Boke" he muttered under his breath as he turned his head to not face the sleeping Hinata in his arms, snuggling closely.


Yamaguchi was now at Tsukishima's House, He is currently at Tsukishima's room, waiting for his childhood friend to come back.

As he waited, he looked around the room, observing every little thing.

He saw pictures of him and Tsukishima when they were children, pictures of him and his brother,

it was cute but then he was more amazed at the big moon and star sticker that was in the room wall. He was guessing It was glow in the dark.

Though It was simple, for him, It expressed something more than just a star and a moon.

(Can I be the star staying at the moon's side?)

Yamaguchi was about to touch the Moon sticker when he heard the door creak open. He took his hand back. The door only revealed none other than Tsukishima, his face expressionless, just. Like.


Yamaguchi fixed his face with a smile and asked

"Tsukki, Do you wanna watch a movie?" He said, smiling widely and hopefully.

"Sure" Tsukishima casually replied, getting his laptop and going to his bed, leaving room for Yamaguchi of course.

Yamaguchi once again smiled as he turned of the lights and went to tsukishima's Side. It was cold today, furthermore, He went closer to Tsukishima.

Wrapping his blanket over his body as Tsukishima started to pick a movie.

Tsukishima was shocked by the action though, not only that, He can't even focus on picking a movie. Yamaguchi was snuggling closer to him, he can even feel his breath on his neck.

The freckeled boy is even using his blanket! Seeing all of these made Tsukishima's cheeks go red. But of course, before Yamaguchi would notice, he instantly picked a movie. A Romantic one.


"I never knew you liked movies like this Tsukki!" Yamaguchi said, His tone teasing.

"Shut up Yamaguchi" Tsukishima said, ignoring the fact that he picked a Romantic movie on a whim.

"Gomen Tsukki" Yamaguchi said, chuckling.

The two watched the movie peacefully. The movie's plot was unexpectedly good. When It reached to the part where the two main Characters confessed to each other.

Both of them felt their chest pump. Cheeks both burning and Both itching to say something.

Yamaguchi was hesitant, he wanted to confess yet as anyone would've thought, he didn't want to ruin their friendship.

Still, His heart wanted to, He can't bear it anymore, He wanted to BE the star beside the moon.

Yamaguchi's Hand found a way to Tsukishima's as he held it tightly. Tsukishima was surprised, Yet his cheeks wouldn't stop burning.

"Tsukki.." Yamaguchi said, still holding Tsukishima's hand tightly, mustering up all his courage to say those three words.

Tsukishima looked at him, eyes full of hope.

"I love you" Yamaguchi finally said, eyes glued to him as his mouth broke into a tender smile.

To be continued~


I'm sorry I didn't continue it, the story is already too long and I wanted to excite you guys! Plus, This is my first fluff so I understand if it sucks.

Anyway I might not be posting every single day since exams are coming up and I can't afford to fail it, seriously.


Hope you leave a heart and Follow me for more!

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