It? I? or Me?
It? I? or Me? philosophizing stories

althaiageovana Community member
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Where is freedom but in myself? What are thoughts other than words in our head?

It? I? or Me?

There are a lot of what if's in the world. Some of which I've asked myself, some of which I wish I hadn't.

For realizing what could have been "if" I had decided to pick the latter, rather than the former, makes me want to wish I had picked "it" instead.

But that's just it isn't it? We always wonder or wish after we've done it, yet no matter how well it's thought out, it just doesn't seem to be enough.

Such a fickle thing isn't it?

Decisions; the mind.

So many variables; needs, wants, desires. Yet, it doesn't seem as though we have enough time to do it all.

Do we even need to do it all?

Thinking, thinking. Never ending loop of thoughts. Yet here we stay frozen, almost never moving forward.

But when will we?

The world has moved on. So why cant I?

The years have made us age. So why couldn't "it"?

Its name now barely uttered nor spoken. So why could I?

Its existence no longer, yet here I question mine. Choosing to stay frozen, never moving forward.


Feeling more of being chained, despite being free. But what is freedom if the spirit refuses to feel? To see? To open its eyes, change and break free?

Free from the past,

Free from the words,

Free from the expectation, and

Free from oneself.

What or who else can set me free but myself?

Yet where can I find it in me to set myself free?

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