The Stream of Brothers
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A story about a race that wanted to defy a divine power and payed the price for it.

The Stream of Brothers

In the beginning, the void gave up itself and made the gods.

Honouring the gift of life, the gods made all that fills the universe.

All but life, for life could not be created from nothing.

But the planets were empty, and the suns cried out for something to warm.

And so it came to pass that the gods gave up their own life energy to create the races of the universe.

All but one god.

This one god remained on a planet, tasked with watching over the races of the universe.

He wanted to guide them to become capable of traveling among the stars.

For the god was lonely and wanted his planet to become filled with the life of all the races of the universe.

And so he guided the technological development of the races through artifacts left on the planets.

With those artifacts, he communicated with the races.

He gave them one law to follow: The law of advancement.

This law said that they could never stop developing technologically.

All went well, and the races obeyed this one law.

Until one day on a remote world changed things.

Commander Sira entered the temple nervously.

He knew he was about to do something unprecedented in the history of his people.

He went to the artifact, touched it and waited.

After a short while, he heard the familiar voice of his god.

"What do you have to report?"

"The plan worked as expected", Sira said.

"The last of our enemies died in the self-destroying city."

"Wonderful! Then nothing stands in the way of you using all the resources of the planet."

"Yes, the planet is essentially ours now."

"This should speed up your development even more."

"I have something to say about that."


"Master, we...we don't want to develop much more technologically."


Then, guarded and menacing: "Why not?"

"Why should we?"

"We have everything we need. We can teach our young, live in peace, we have enough to eat for everyone...we want to become a race of artists, farmers and builders of what we can already build."

"You would refuse the one law I have given you?"

"Master, the law had its time, but it is obsolete now."

Silence again.

Then, slow and angry: "Obsolete?"

"You are mistaken."

And with that, the artifact stopped glowing and the connection was dead.

That night, Sira thought long about what those last words were supposed to mean.

Where they a warning, or simply a conviction?

If the latter, they would prove him wrong.

But he feared it was the former, and so he found little sleep.

The next day, chaos descended on Sira's world.

The mountains were split by a mighty stream that appeared out of nowhere.

The stream of water split not only the mountains, but the whole world into two parts.

The fruitful land needed to produce food was on one side, the land with resources needed to produce technology on the other.

And so they had to develop faster ships that allowed them to cross the wild stream to trade.

But shortly after they developed those ships, the stream became even wilder, so wild that no ship could cross it.

And so they had to develop flight to cross the stream.

But shortly after they had developed flight through the air, an invisible barrier in the air made crossing the stream impossible.

So they had to develop starflight.

And to this day, the barrier keeps extending further out. They have to develop faster and faster ships to be able to cross the barrier in a short amount of time.

They do not know it, but every year the barrier extends so it comes closer to the planet where the god is waiting for them.

For the god is lonely, and can not stand the thought of this race never coming to his planet.

The god forced his will on them. This lead to new technologies, new forms of the art they so loved, better farming technology…one could argue what the god did was done for their good.

But I disagree.

Can't there be a point where we have enough technology? Where, instead of developing more and more, we focus our efforts on providing the standard of living this technology brings to everyone?

Their answer was yes, but he forced them to answer no. That was selfish.

It was also done out of love, but it was a selfish love. It was a love that was about what he wanted for them, not about what they wanted for themselves.

And so this is the stream that forever divides

What their longing for peace unites

Across the stars travels hope disguised

Disguised as oppression, for a god is weeping

Might makes him divine, but his tears make him less

His tears of selfish love

The tears that grow

The stream of brothers

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