The Glow
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A story about what, to me, really matters and how you can draw strength from what human beings before you were able to do

The Glow

So here you are again

In the deepest hole

And you think you can't do it

Can't survive

Can't climb out

It's the end

I'm here to tell you that history begs to differ.

You think you can't do what?

Can't survive what?

Let me tell you what humans have survived





And the list goes on and on

Let me tell you what humans have done and still do

Tamed rivers

Build cathedrals

Ended wars

Made Peace

Created the Internet

Fly in space

You belong to a race

That can conquer gravity

That can cross the sea

But those are geniuses

Or groups of people

I am alone!

I am small!

The people who survived Auschwitz were alone

All those soldiers in captivity who made it home were alone

All those people who conquered illnesses

And all other people who did incredible things

You may be alone, but you're not small

You may be under fire, but you're not defeated

So you're not a genius

And you're not handsome

And you're not a unique talent

And you need all your strength just to get by

What does it matter?

The light that kills the darkness in the morning is not made of a few bright sparks

It is composed of millions of small rays

You think you can't do anything because you can not make bright lights?

You are wrong

What build cathedrals but the labor of many?

What builds societies but the efforts of the citizens?

If you could see the earth glowing with life from space

What would you see but billions of little lights?

You think you are powerless because you can't shine so everyone notices?

You are wrong

"Everyone" is nothing

"They" are nothing

The people whose lifes you touch are everything

When the night seems dark and you look out there

And despair, remember this:

There is no smile so slight that it doesn't shine

There is no laugh so quiet that it's not worth hearing

It is a glow that counts, bright lights are nothing

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