Crimson Alien Hero, Parasyte (MHA x Male Alien Reader)
Crimson Alien Hero, Parasyte (MHA x Male Alien Reader) myheroacademia stories

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The origins of Y/n, alien boy!

Crimson Alien Hero, Parasyte (MHA x Male Alien Reader)

Prologue - Y/n L/n: Origins

Appearance: (Background) Personality: Looks threatening, but is actually nice. He is very protective of his friends and will not hesitate to attack. Quirk: Tentacles (Can extend any of his six tentacles up to 10 feet long. He can also communicate with telepathy, speaking with people in their minds.)

Very few people know about a planet that is home to a race of tentacled aliens. It resides just outside of the Kuiper Belt, a planet called CX249. The planet is red, similar to Mars, because it is rich in iron. All of the aliens have black eyes with three glowing white irises and six tentacles, each which can extend up to 10 feet long. The youngest of the aliens had just been born, given the name Y/n. Over the course of 3 years, Y/n

had grown a bit and fit in with his alien society. He was a kind alien that tried his best to help out his fellows denizens. One day, an alien was conducting an experiment with an unknown substance. Then, it all happened. The substance spilled into a crevasse and the planet began to rumble as a sign that it was about to explode. Alien 1: Cks claofe ak flwjv co

xowj! (The planet is going to blow! Alien 2: Eof skeu vjd qk fksyc al dv wovj Y/n sovj? (But what are we going to do with Y/n here?) Alien 3:

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