Were more alike than different you know..
Were more alike than different you know..

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Were more alike than different you know..

I admit, We speak with different voices, we see through different eyes, we process with different minds and we inhabit different bodies. So we live different lives.

But the thing is, Pain doesn't care who you are. Where you come from. Or where your going. Pain loves us all equally.

We can smile together because we know what its like to cry alone.

We know the right things to say because at some point, we needed to hear them ourselves.

And we know the power of an embrace because many times over, that's what put us back together.

The truth is were all fish out of water.

Were all searching for our deep blue. Everyone is, not just me and you.

That's why were alike, Not because of were we go. But because of how we get there.

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