The Man I Need To Be: Power About To Be Unleashed....
The Man I Need To Be: Power About To Be Unleashed.... scifi stories

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The story is growing, as Derrick continues to face his fate.......

The Man I Need To Be: Power About To Be Unleashed....

Has a person like really close to you ever hid a speck of words but when you reveal it, it hits you like a sledgehammer?

To make matters worse, the person reveals it to you at the wrong time and place,to add salt to injury, the information is not complete and finally,

the source of the information is gone when you are finally ready to process the information? That was a hell of a sentence but you understand that it is very painful. The person was close.......

OKAY,cool down man. Let us continue with the story shall we?

"So, uhmm ..... I'm Derrick Scott. Nice to meet you,"Derrick said hoping for a reply that was supposed to be an introduction to the lad.

"I already know that," the alien replied.

"What I mean is you want to teach me and yet I don't know your name? How can a student not know the name of the teacher?" Derrick asked.

"First,I am no teacher and second, my students get to know my name when they are worthy of it," he answered calmly, kind of confusing Derrick on the other side.

"So you say you are no teacher, then your students........ Well, I guess we need to get started so that I can be 'worthy of it' ," Derrick answered sarcastically.

"Did you know my father?" Derrick asked.

Well, if you want to know if aliens have feelings, they do. The alien had balancing tears before he spoke.

"He was the most closest friend I ever had. It is so painful to lose him because he saved my life once.

I tried saving him from getting into the inter-dimensional portal but it was too late......" he said, tears rolling down his cheeks.

That was when Derrick's life took the good turn. The feeling of the pain the person was passing through got into him. He gave him a hug and sympathized with him.

"I'm so sorry I was not there when you needed me," the alien said.

Then Derrick said something that the alien was certain to remember.

"Fate is a complicated path. Sometimes, it needs you to lose something in order to clear a better path."

A day after, they started the process of practicing the power that he had in him.

He offered to stay with him for three years just to perfect his supernatural ability and keep the old man company. He learned that his name is Blairen Scott. He was a member of The Scotts.

I know, I know, .......but how? Story of another day.

It was then time for Derrick to return to his home to stop the killer, Ijax Brows. He had information that he had an army called The Sinisters.

He had already taken out some dimensions of Earth. Derrick's Earth was the core of all the other dimensions.

According to alien prophecy, the alien dimension of Earth, Derrick is the Guardian of the Earth. So it was his time to shine. He created a portal back to his Earth.

When he stepped out of the portal, the city was not the one he left. It had advanced technology. Just in three years, the world was different in appearance. He landed back to a Sinister camp.

He knew by then they were no longer Innocents.

"Hey, guys, we have another experiment here," one of the soldiers said.

"Okay, is this a training section? I'm ready to stretch my hands," he said.

A flame of purple matter ignited on his fists. They lunged for him before he unleashed his power to the world.....

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