The Man I Need To Be: Chapter I.
The Man I Need To Be: Chapter I. fiction stories

alphonsus Well,if you like suspense,read my series
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The story is unfolding slowly by slowly. Stick with me everyday and this might be like your new Game of Thrones,only that it is Game of.......You'll find out sooner or later.....

The Man I Need To Be: Chapter I.

Have you ever regretted your actions......

not just actions but ones that make you feel sorry for your evil side? Well, regretting actions does not mean that you have undone the things you did in the past.

You will have to prove that you are changed. For instance in this story........ I guess you will have to find out yourself.

As I was told by a friend once, "A writer never spoils the story, he lets the readers to discover the hidden story......"

Derrick crossed a boundary that was beyond his might to handle. He thought that he was a "cold-blooded killer".He was so stupid in mind then that even a drunk person....

A DRUNK PERSON gave him advice. The last time I remember a drunkard giving me advice was...uhmm....never. It was never. He told him he will find a much heavier load to carry.

He simply answered by killing him ruthlessly. His father saw the monster he had raised and it was just too late to change him.

"Son, listen to me. I rose you in a life of killing. You do not have to kill the innocent. The gang war is over.

Why kill the Innocents and yet they have nothing to do with you?"His father asked him.

This was when he said the first wise words in his youth. Listen to that.IN HIS YOUTH.

"Dad, you raised a monster, you will have to live with it,"Derrick said in specific resemblance of what he was, a monster and a it. A heartless monster and a living it.

Well, I have never had a heartless killer calling himself a monster. I am sure The Joker would be jealous of this dude if he was still alive.

If there is something on your mind.... or maybe not is why I wrote "The Innocents". It is actually a name given to a group of people who are said to have never done a crime.

It is obviously a rumour by social media pests. Very disturbing people, if you ask me. So, Derrick was on his way to take over their district. Nobody got in or out of the place.

He wanted to assassinate the main leader of the place. His father was to be on the lookout.

"Son, do you actually this is the right idea?I mean.....HEY,LET GO OF ME......."his father lost the connection due to a struggle....

"Dad? Are you there?"Derrick asked.

A voice replied,"Oh, he is not but if you want him let us meet at the Brows Sky Labs....."

His feet carried him as fast as a Uber driver who is carrying a person offering a interest on top of the price paid.He got into the building in a hurry,not realising he was trapped.

Just a punch is what he saw before sleeping into a vast darkness. He woke up to find himself in between a fight between.....

mutants!When his view was clear, he saw his father coming to lift him up.

"Dad, Am I hallucinating?Are you..... a mutant?"He asked in confusion.

"No time for questions. Do not look back. Just run," his father answered.

It was obvious that he was hiding something. He just obeyed and ran.He looked back to see a spaceship shooting missiles to his helpless father.

"NOOOOOO!"he screamed but there was nothing he could do.

His father dead and him lost in a world full of deserts, that was when the regrets came. Well,fate is fate, you can never change it.In a distance he saw a tent.

That was his only chance of surviving in the desert. He then saw an alien. An alien?......

"I assume you are Derrick Scott. Sorry for the loss," the alien said, as if he was his neighbour.

"Who are you and how do you know me?" he said confused.

"Put the questions for later.We have some work to do........."

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