Warriors of the Sun Book 1 The Goddess, Queen and Leader Prologue
Warriors of the Sun Book 1
The Goddess, Queen and Leader 
Prologue  wots stories
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5 warriors will save the world; the first a Goddess, Queen, and Leader.

Warriors of the Sun Book 1 The Goddess, Queen and Leader Prologue

The Door and the Prophecy

Light is the opposite of darkness...

There is a door, this door defies nature, it should not be real. The door only exists because of light. This door allows you to travel between the realms.

This door only exist to those worthy of its power, the door is protected by the Warriors of the Sun, they guard the door from evil and darkness.

Until one day an evil force so dark and so evil, forced itself through the door.

The Warriors of the Sun defeated passed on their legacy to a new generation... who would soon find their abilities.

The evil darkness set itself unto other dimensions causing a darkness so dark only the brightest light can reach it.

The Warriors of the sun are strong enough to fight this great evil for so the prophecy goes:

Oh soon comes a day where the power of darkness, the strongest evil, will rise forth striving on the bad it will torment all and will destroy all. But there is a power, light.

This will save us all, so go my child, my scavenger one, and find the Warriors of the Sun. The five who will save us all, the Brightest of all light. They come to fight the darkness and evil.

So go forth, find the Warriors of the Sun; Find the one who wears a mask, Find the one with skills unmatched, Find the princess without a Crown where loyalty goes unbound,

Find the one of darkness, And finally most important of all, Find the one who carries the greatest gift, she is the child;

The daughter of the goddes of light Némiriä herself. She is the Queen of Azürë. She is the Leader of Warriors of the Sun. Once you find the five and bring forth the warriors of the Sun.

Only then will the light prevail over the evil darkness. Only then will the realms be at balance once again.

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