Warriors of the Sun Book 1 The Goddess, Queen, and Leader Chapter 2
Warriors of the Sun Book 1 
The Goddess, Queen, and Leader 
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5 warriors will save the world; the first a Goddess, Queen, and Leader.

Warriors of the Sun Book 1 The Goddess, Queen, and Leader Chapter 2

I whip my head around searching for the owner of the voice.

"Who-who's there?!" I stutter loudly.

I continue to search for the voice that spoke to me, when suddenly a woman in a white and yellow ombre flowing robe and etherial like flowing platinum blonde hair apears before me,

"Do not be frightened," she says kindly, "I am Luciara, The Scavenger one!" she looks directly at me.

I stare in wonder and fear at her. Then suddenly I'm snapped out of my phase and I remember the first thing she said to me, "You are in tail-in-a-ron." I wonder...

"What is tail-in-a-ron?!" I ask Luciara

"Taliniron, is the realm of dreams. We are in the inbetween. Your body is in your realm but your spirit is here with me!" She says looking at me calmly.

"Oh..." Is all I can say, awestruck at the idea I just sit and stare.

As I look around I start to wonder why did she bring me of all people to this place.

"Why me!?" I ask her,

"You are godborn!" she says, staring at me in some sort of awe.

I start to freak out,

"What's a g-godborn?!" I say shakely as I start to panic.

"You are the daughter of Nemiria, the goddess of light!" she says gently.

"Wait, wait, wait I'm the daughter of a GODDESS!!!" I say panicking, "W-why what HOW! I can't possible be a godborn!!"

"You are Aurora the godess of the dawn, you are the Queen of Azure, and you are the LEADER of The Warriors of the Sun!" she says proudly looking at me!

"What!?" I say practically speechless, "Why are you here and why are you telling me all this" I practically shriek, panicking I start hyperventilate,

Suddenly Luciara appears in front of me, embracing me in a hug,

"There, there, it's okay." she says suddenly sounding almost motherlike, "I knew I should have taken it slow, your only 16.

It's just so exciting to finally meet you! But It must be hard to find out that your mom is a goddess and that you to are a goddess and a Queen!" she murmurs quietly to herself.

I respond by cuddling in closer to her. After a few minutes pass and I calmed down,

Luciara grabs me by the shoulders and pushes me till I'm standing at arms length away. She drops her arms and looks at me,

"Ok, let's start this again! My name is Luciara." she says lifting her hand up for a shake. I shake her hand and she continues,

"I am the scavenger child, I scavenge and find people, places, and things for your mother, the goddess of light, Nemiria.

I was sent here to find you, I was to tell you that you are her daughter, and that you are a goddess, that you are Aurora the goddess of Dawn,

I was also sent to tell you that you are the queen of Azure-- which if you don't know is the kingdom of the door of Azure which is a door that lets you travel between the realms,

and I was to tell you that you are the leader of a group called The Warriors of the Sun, which is a group of 5 people who protect The Door of Azure,

a cool thing about them is when someone who is part of the Warriors of the Sun dies her legacy is passed on to someone else." she says pausing, "Did you get all that!?"

"Yes, and Wow I'm sure important!" I say trying to make this easier for me. She looks at me strangely... I think with pity... or hope... or something.

"I was also sent here to direct you to The Well of Light so you can meet your mother and fully develop your magical cabilities!" Luciara finishes then she looks at me to see how I handle it.

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