The Dragon Born of Fae Part 1
The Dragon
                    Born of Fae  
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Can an undiscovered Fae save a the dragons?!

The Dragon Born of Fae Part 1


Suddenly a great flash appears across the world and all magical creatures thought to be exist now roam the world...

Dragons thought to be great evil beasts now fly across the sky, Sending huge burst of flames to illuminate the stars.

A witch, a women thought to have magical powers, especially evil powers, now cast curses on random strangers.

Enchantress thought to be great goddesses now help those in need, my mom has become an enchantress...

She has powers, but she'll never tell anyone. New to this enchantress thing my mom hides away in fear just waiting to be captured by the government.

I only wish I have powers too...

Chapter 1

"Kiley are you ready for bed!?" My mom asks me, walking into my room.

"Yes," I respond crawling into bed, "Will you tell me about dragons tonight!?" I ask my mom,

Ever since the day the bright flash lit up the world creatures of myth have roamed the world.

I've heard stories about dragons, and I ask myself many questions about them, Are all dragons evil and dangerous? Could I ever befriend a dragon?

So tonight, similar to all nights, has me falling asleep to stories of myth and has me dreaming of fairytale creatures come true.

I wake up in the middle of the night to someone knocking on the door. The person knocks loudly and harshly.

I hear my mom swiftly walk over to peek though the peep hole on our door. She gasps and quickly turns around,

Running into my room she breathlessly says, "Kiley pack your things were leaving... NOW!"

I rushed to pack my things, scared out of my mind grabing at clothes and other essentials.

Rushing out of the house we escape into the woods in our backyard.

We stumble through the trees until we find and old forgotten cave near a river. Settling down we fall asleep.

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