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The Cursed Emperor Bride
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Has pretty much nothing to do with the book! Just a little clip to get you excited to read TCEB!!
Also if you didn’t know I like to abbreviate my book titles!
The Cursed Emperor’s Bride (TCEB)
(More info in idea!! And part 1 or TCEB)

The Cursed Emperor Bride Teaser

A young girl wanders towards the woods, “Don’t wander to far!” Her mother calls after her, “I won’t I’m just going to the temple!” She calls back She wanders around the forest until she finds the temple

When she finally finds the temple a voice starts to penetrate her temple. “An Emperor’s Bride, an Emperor’s Bride, an Emperor’s Empress...”

She grabs at her head as the voice repeats itself, she starts to walk towards the temple.

In one room there is a statue of a boy sitting on a throne. In another room it is blank with nothing but an old Hwang Wonsam.

Suddenly the room shakes and the section of the wall with the Hwang Wonsam on it turns around, the shaking stops. She looks around and everything looks newer... nicer even.

She starts to walk then she looks down at herself startled. She was wearing the dress that was on the wall! She walks out side and looks around.

“Where am I...”

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