The Cursed Emperor’s Bride Part 1
The Cursed Emperor’s Bride Part 1  romance stories

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Deungjeong Mun Mi Young was part of a family of Korean explorers, until one day when exploring an old temple she was transported back to Ancient China. Where she is now in the body of Matsuzaki Lin Xiaolian (Xiao). The only daughter of an important official, The Matsuzaki Xue Longwei, plus both of Xiao’s brothers are generals. There’s just one more problem, Xiao is to be married to the Crown Prince Huang Shen Weisheng (Wei) who in the future was known as The Cursed Emperor.
(More info on characters if you check out idea!! By Me)

The Cursed Emperor’s Bride Part 1

*small note* The characters in this book are characters shown in ‘Idea!!’ This story takes place in Korea and Traditional China, some details maybe inaccurate. Sorry I’m not from either of those places. If there is a mistake please tell me in the comments below.

Deungjeong Mun Mi Young, her siblings,

The slightly older brother Deungjeong Dokgo Dae-Ho,

The slightly younger sister Deungjeong Bu Eun-Kyung,

and their parents, mom Deungjeong Seo Ji and dad Deungjeong Mok Kang-Dae,

They had all just got off the plane from Gwangju to jeju.

They were traveling to Baeksasil valley where a historical temple of the Cursed Emperor was recently found.

Young, her siblings and her parents were historians, and explorers.

They researched, found and explored old findings from the past.

When they got there, they are quickly given a small glimpse of the temple before being whisked away by other friends and co-workers, to a small clearing they called the camp site.

Young's POV

The temple looked old but, interesting. I wonder if mom or dad will let me go explore it later?

"Young, Dae-Ho, Eun-Kyung! Dinners ready, get over here!" Mom calls to us

"Coming!" We all echo back.

I glance at my siblings before shouting out,

"Last one to mom is a rotten egg!" We all take off giggling as we see who is the faster.

"Haha! Dae-Ho's last! Dae-Ho's a rotten egg!" Eun-Kyung screams loudly before we all collapse in a mess of giggles!

Mom stares at us with her disapproval face, tsking she looks at Eun-Kyung

"Eun-Kyung, what have I told you about talking like that!" Mother tsk's at us one more time before turning around and giving us each some Peri Peri chicken Satay.

After I finished my meal I started wandering off in the direction of the temple, I don't know why exactly, but I was drawn to the temple by some invisible string.

It tugs silently right now, silent but strong and irresistible, so I start to follow the pull,

"Don't wander to far Young!" Mom calls after me,

"I won't! I'm just going to the temple!" I respond back.

I wander around the forest for a few minutes before a faint buzzing fill my mind.

I shake my head, ignoring it and continue on. The buzzing gets louder, and louder, and it soon becomes almost unbearable, when I finally reached the temple.

The buzzing stops and is gone as quickly as it appeared, I was left standing utterly disoriented and counfused in front of the temple.

'Whatever’ I think to myself. Shrugging, I walk up the massive front steps and into the temple.

In the first room I pass there is a huge statue of a boy sitting on a throne that takes up pretty much the entire room.

Below the statue there is a small plate, I wipe it off and it says, 被诅咒的皇帝, The Cursed Emperor.

I walk out of the room and go to visit the room just across from it. In this room it is pretty empty with only a small throne.

I notice a small part of one of the walls which is slightly rounded. Hanging on the rounded piece of wall is an old Qixiong Ruqun Hanfu from the Tang Dynasty in China if I remember my history right.

The Hanfu had a light reddish pink Under dress, a pale pink slightly see through skirt, a pale pink blouse with golden embroidery, and a pale pink scarf.

Suddenly the buzzing returns and louder than ever, I fall to the ground holding my head.

The room starts shaking and Spinning and the section of the wall with the Hanfu hanging on it turns around,

a voice whispers in my head so quietly that I can barley make it out with all the buzzing, but I hear it,

"The Cursed Emperor Needs a Bride! You Are The Empress!" The voice says

The shaking, spinning, and buzzing suddenly stop and go away as suddenly as they had came. The pain no longer overwhelms me, but I feel faint.

I look around, I realize suddenly that everything looks newer... nicer even.

I look down at myself and startlingly find myself wearing the Hanfu, I was just moments ago admiring.

I look again and realize the Hanfu looked brand new. I stare in confusion at the Hanfu before I start to lose consciousness,

I lay down and stare at the ceiling, thinking, before losing conciseness completely.

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