Schedule For This Week!!
Schedule For This Week!! schedule stories
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Here is my schedule for the week!! UwU

Schedule For This Week!!

Ok so... I have school this week...

'Yay school' *rolls eyes*

Anyway, my Commaful schedule for THIS week!

(Underline on the THIS!)

*First note* My schedule will probably change weekly!


Monday - I'm in school - probably won't be online till 4-5ish o'clock or around that time

Tuesday - distant learning - Will probably be online at 2ish

Wednesday - distant learning - this is when I will manly post TCEB, WotS, and TDBoF

*Second note* I might put WotS and TDBoF on a hiatus (more details posted soon!)

Thursday - I'm in school - probably won't be online till 3 o'clock or around that time

Friday - distant learning - might post another part of one of my books

Saturday - FREEDOM!! - this is another manly posting days but... this day is solely dedicated to TCEB because it's my research day about China!!

Sunday - FREEDOM - I'm probably not gonna be on Commaful at all, this is my break day or 'no screen' day

*Third note* I'm gonna be posting this weekly from now on!!

Key/glossary The Cursed Emperor's Bride ~ TCEB Warriors of the Sun ~ WotS The Dragon Born of Fae ~ TDBoF

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