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A long overdue all about me!


So I know this is kinda long over due but... All About Me!

So... My name is Alexis Lilka but everyone calls me Lexa (that be my nickname)

I'm a 14 year old girl with shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, and glasses!

I love spring, hate fall. (No offense anyone) Meh about summer and winter.

I want to become a professional graphic designer and an author! #AuthorMorganShadows \(>o<)/ (I have a second account on commaful for #authormorganshadows @morganshadow)

I’m in 8th grade! And I’m gonna be... a high schooler next year! \(;o;)/

I love, love, love, chicken noodle soup! Especially Campbell’s chicken noodle soup!! It is my favorite!

Books are my life!! And if I could, I would only read, write and eat chicken noodle soup!

I absolutely love the book series Keepers of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger (For all the KotLC fans, I am a big sokeefe shipper!!)

I love writing and designing book covers! It's so much fun to use my imagination and creativity

(Some book covers I made) (I go under the pen name Morgan Shadows)

I like to draw sometimes but I'm not very good... (I designed, drew and colored the sketch book)

I used to write on another website called Imagine Forest but... it had an update and became really annoying!

I love, love, love reading YA fantasy novels, series, trilogies, duologues, you name it I love it!! YA romance novels are pretty good too!!

Some of my favorite book series are;

- ‘Crown of feathers’ by Nicki Pau Preto, - ‘Keepers of the Lost Cities’ by Shannon messenger, - ‘The Cerulean’ by Amy Ewing, - ‘The School for Good and Evil’ by Soman Chainani, - ‘Pegasus’ by Kate O'Hearn, - ‘Kate Daniels’ by someone, - ‘Vega Jane by David Baldacci,

and pretty much any other book I find!

So... Yeah, that's me! (That’s actually a very similar digital drawing to what I look like)

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