Jennie! I Give Up
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An author trying to tell her story to an annoying teenager who won’t stop interrupting.

Jennie! I Give Up

"In the beginning-" Author Allison says

"Wait, wait, wait,...WHAT! What sort of cheesy beginning is that!? I mean Allison, are you really gonna start the story like that!?" Jennie interrupts,

"I, as your best friend, have decided to step in. I will now be known by all as Chief Narrator!"

Author Allison gives Jennie a glare. "Or not, being Jennie is fine too. Heh heh."

Author Allison looks at Jennie and sighs,

"Jennie, girl...WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Who let you in? And who gave YOU permission to interrupt me as I tell MY story! Also is my story that cheesy?"

Jennie looks at Author Allison when she finishes her screaming match and just barely heard the last part, but she did,

and after hearing it she looks over but this time she looks at Author Allison with pity in her eyes.

"Allison do you know anything about kids these days? I mean your beginning would be fine like 5 years ago, but now kids are a little more...different."

Author Allison looks over sheepishly,

" I DON'T KNOW A THING ABOUT KIDS THESE DAYS!" Author Allison says bawling her eyes out.

"Allison I know you don't know a thing about this generation, but YOU CAN'T GO CRYING LIKE A CHILD, I MEAN YOU'RE 21 NOT A 2 YEAR OLD SO SHAPE UP AND LET'S START THIS STORY!

" Jennie yells brimming with confidence.

Author Allison stops crying and looks at Jennie with newly found energy and confidence,

"You're right, I can do this! I can tell my story!"

Jennie stands up to stand directly in front of Author Allison, looking into her eyes,

"Good job, but now that you've gotten over your emotional breakdown we can start working on this story of yours! I looked at through the notes for the story and might I say--"

"I'm gonna have to stop you there, I don't want any spoilers. You got that?" Author Allison says interrupting Jennie before she could spoil any of the story.

With Author Allison's new confidence, she takes charge.

Jennie rolls her eyes at Author Allison and lets out a sigh,

"Okay, whatever you say Allison!"

"Jennie, do I detect sass?!" Author Allison says with a look, "because if I hear any sass I can remove you! You clear!? No sass!"

"Yes, no sass! Let's get back to the story!" Jennie says quickly, "Oh by the way I love your blue eyes red hair combo, I would totally kill for them!

But instead I have hazel eyes and boring blonde hair!"

Author Allison glares at Jennie, then looks away sighing. Jennie, tired from standing and pacing, moves to sit in the comfy chair next to where Author Allison is sitting.

Author Allison looks at Jennie again but this time she can feel the anxious excitement rolling off her in waves. Jennie practically dances in her chair with pure excitement.

Author Allison looks away sighing,

"Okay Jennie how would YOU start the story? What would the teenager part of my audience think would be a good story starter?

" Author Allison sighs at the thought of letting Jennie, a 16 year old, start her story.

Jennie calms down and stops dancing in her chair,

"Oh, um..." Jennie pauses to think, "Ah ha! I got all started with a pair of twins."

"Well Jennie, that was a good beginning! But it is now my turn to tell the rest of the story," Author Allison says as she smiles at Jennie. "Jade and James Chakara were an average pair of kids.

They lived their lives underground like everyone else. They went to school, underground of course, and hung out with friends like normal teenagers.

James and Jade looked like pretty average teenagers too,

with pale skin (due to lack of sunlight) and squinty eyes with huge pupils (because of limited light living underground) but that was where the averageness ended.

Everyone living underground had washed out dirty blonde hair but the Chakara twins had bright golden brown hair.

Instead of a dark misty brown eye color like everyone else, they had bright green eyes and unlike most kids their age the Chakara twins had never ever ever been to the surface!

They had never seen the sun or moon. They had never seen clouds, mist, rain or snow. The stars were something they purely imagined.

They had never seen any of it and everything up there meant nothing to them!

Until today, today is a special day, today Jade and James' parents decided they would take them to the surface as a present for their 14th birthday.

Jade and James were so excited that they were going up to the surface that they decided they would go over to their friends house and tell them the big news.

Jade and James's best friends happen to be a set of twins also, Oliver and Ellie Jekon-se'ana.

Oliver and Ellie looked like anyone else with washed out dirty blonde hair, pale skin, and squinty dark musty brown eyes.

They acted like normal kids and have even gone up to the surface. Ellie and Jade have been 'solid as rock' besties since pre-school, while Oliver and James are best bro's since kindergarten.

They have all been best friends for--"

"Wait, wait, you're telling me that a pair of twins that are practically identical (except for their gender and all) meet another pair of twins. And...

they are both a boy girl twin set! But not only that, the girls are bffs--best friends forever--and the boys are bbf--best bro friends--the 2 sets of twins are friends with each other!"

Jennie says dramatically. Livid that the story and characters are too coincidental. She starts yelling at Author Allison about how horrible the story is now that everything is so coincidental.

Author Allison shushes Jennie then moves closer to talk to her with an edge of impatience,

"Yes! Yes I might have started the story off coincidentally! But I have more characters and plot twists coming for you! If you ever let me finish my story!

" Author Allison stares impatiently at Jennie before moving away to sit in her chair.

Silently thinking about how annoying Jennie can be, but helpful at times Author Allison looks over at Jennie.

Author Allison sighs looking away, exhausted, and defeated,

"Shall I continue the story or do you want to tell it?"

Jennie, taken aback at the question, just sits quietly and stares.

Author Allison looks at her and sighs,

"Are you gonna answer? Or do I leave?"

"Yes! I mean no don't leave but yes continue your story!...please." Jennie says quickly, snapping out of her phase.

She may question how the story is being written but she really wants to hear the end of the story.

"Eh hem, Jade and James scurry over to Oliver and Ellie's house.

When they get there James almost spills everything to Oliver, but Jade stops him and reminds him that they were gonna tell Ellie as well.

Even though James was unhappy--because he was unable to tell Oliver right then and there--he still agreed that he would wait to tell Oliver until Ellie came down.

Finally for what seemed like hours to James (but was only 15 minutes) Ellie came down--" Author Allison said.

"Wait, what! 15 minutes! The girl spent 15 minutes doing whatever she was doing! That is a lot of time to spend upstairs!

" Jennie practically shrieks, interrupting Author Allison's story once again.

"JENNIE! Oh My Goodness! Be quiet or I'll quit the story! And yes I truly mean it!!" Author Allison says livid that Jennie interrupted her for the 3rd time.

Angry and exhausted she promises to herself that if Jennie interrupts her one more time she will quit the story!

"Ok" Jennie says sheepishly, sorry that she interrupted Author Allison.

Author Allison rolls her eyes,

"Alrighty, finally 15 minutes later Ellie comes down with full make-up on, a sparkly ombre dress and an intricate braided updo.

"What brings you here?" She asks curiously, "I mean you guys Never come to our house, ever."

"We have super duper awesomely exciting news that will blow your mind!" James says bouncing on his feet.

"Our parents finally said we could go to The Surface! They said because we finally turned 14 and all, we can go to the surface! We're going to The Surface TODAY!

" Jade says jumping up and down with excitement.

All of them went silent for a moment. Then they couldn't contain their excitement any longer, jump up and down screaming!

A few minutes later they are all lying on the floor exhausted from jumping up and down screaming--"

"What is happening!?

They are all screaming because they get to go up to The Surface! I don't understand the big deal! But I finally understand why Ellie took so long, but she probably should have taken longer.

I mean it takes at least a half an hour to do your make-up, do an extravagant intricate braided updo and pick out the right outfit to wear!" Jennie says interrupting Author Allison once again.

She starts to talk some more but quickly stops when she sees Author Allison's face. Author looks at Jennie seething!

She is so angry at Jennie that her face is turning red.

Author Allison turns to Jennie and looks her straight in the eyes,


GOODBYE," Author Allison screams at Jennie.

She walks out the door saying how she should have never let Jennie help her with the story. Author Allison takes one last look at Jennie before turning away and giving up on the story.

The End!

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