2021 what will it bring
2021 what will it bring new-year-2021 stories

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2021 what will it bring

On New Years, january first 2021, something was off, my house was quiet. Sighing I get up and go to the front room, almost yelping in surprise. My family had been infected with nothing but COVID. They were all whining about how it sucked so I immediately went and got the disinfectents and sprayed everything down. Then my little sister, by two years, age 16 comes toward me.

I hiss and she stops looking at me like I'm an idiot. "COVID IS REAL!!" I screech running to my room, locking the door as I go. Then when I go down later they are all gone. I sigh and disinfect everything again. I put on a mask and probably take it way too far by putting on a hazmat suit. I slip out of the house and run to my car and drive straight to the store by a month supply of groceries and leave.

I managed to get the TV to my room and watch as the governor declared this was going to be an apocalypse. I stayed in my room after that facing the apocalypse only to get food. Then my parents came home and my sister tried to enter my room, and accidentally kinda on purpose left the run meme on. I ran when it said run.

I climb out my window and ran. I jumped from tree to tree and never coming in contact with anybody.

I gasp sitting up my breath shaky, looking at the calendar I see it is June Friday the 13th well, crap. RuN

Drayce Malfoy -Potter Alphawolf6871

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