The act of writing

              The act of writing writing stories
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Since you write, you are a god.

The act of writing

Since you write, you can't help it. It's in your blood, in your mind, in each cell of your being. A clear understanding of the absolute meaning of responsibility of creation.

It's a godly feeling, holding them: pen, pencil, fountain pen, crayon, brush, chalk. Each one of them empowers you.

It doesn't matter what's your name, what language you speak or write, what eyes you have, how's the hair, the height or the weight.

These insignificant matters dissolve in the second the tip of the tool touches the paper. You give yourself the liberty of producing creation or destruction, balance or chaos.

You are being responsible whether your children are happy or homeless, human or other race, their age, their fears, their talents, all of these are there because of you,

and if someone ever insults them by doubting their existence, you have the duty of rejecting theirs. A single fleck of doubt and they all die.

They all turn into scribbles and puppets made of paper,

and you're the only one responsible.

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