The Dissaperence of Emerald and Zach Antonio
The Dissaperence of Emerald and Zach Antonio halloween2020 stories

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this is probably gonna be really bad -_- and there are probably a lot of spelling mistakes (maybe)

The Dissaperence of Emerald and Zach Antonio

One day, there were two teenagers, their names where Emerald and Zach. they were siblings. Even though Emerald was two years younger they were very close.

They would hang out every day and play video games together every night,

their parents didn't approve of the fact that they wanted to be together all day because they knew that someday they would be pulled apart.

Then there was a Halloween party for the high school and they decided they would go. Zach often got bullied for being so close to his sister.

She was fifteen so the others at the party didn't want her there, they would say that she was a little baby because she was emotional, she never understood why.

Emerald refused to go unless Zach went with her and he happily did so. They decided to go play around in a corn maze.

They walked in and started to wander around a corn maze, They then somehow got separated and Emerald started freaking out.

Zach called her name and she called his, but for some reason, they couldn't hear each other at all. Emerald started running and then a corn stalk fell and she tripped.

she got a bloody nose but apart from that and a scrape on her elbow, she was fine.

She stood up and turned around, she saw a dark figure in the corner but it was too dark for her to be able to tell what it was.

She slowly backed away but every time she blinked the figure seemed to get closer and closer. now she was running but she couldn't see well so she ran into some cornstalks by accident.

She fell and that slowed her down then the darkness washed over her, she could see nothing.

She was scared, terrified, she tried screaming for help but her screams were drowned out by the darkness. She cried in the lonely darkness.

she was alone and afraid, she was trying her hardest not to drown in the waves of empty darkness. As she realized there was no escape she took a deep breath as two men approached her.

When they got close enough for her to see, she saw that they were not men but spirits.

They were trapped in this world of darkness and she, Emerald Antonio was going to free one of them and be trapped there until someone else came to trade places with her.

One of the spirits grabbed her arm, and disappeared, he now walked the earth as he had many years ago before Emerald came. Now the other man was waiting for his "hero" to rescue him.

Emerald got very worried, "Zach!" she thought and prayed for him to be safe. But then she saw him.

Miles away on the other side of the emptiness she decided not to move toward him as she wanted to because she didn't want him to be stuck here in this place of darkness as well.

Zach saw emerald and shouted her name. That drew attention from the other spirit. He bolted toward Zach and Zach screamed. Emerald knew what was about to happen. she sat there and cried.

When the transformation was done Zach went over to Emerald and saw that she was a Spirit. Emerald explained what had happened and that they were stuck there.

The next day the police were looking all over for them. The next Halloween more and more children and teens went missing. Instead of trading places, they simply used them as a snack.

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