Sans x Reader Part Two
Sans x Reader Part Two undertale stories

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This will look a little bad at first but I promise it gets better!

Sans x Reader Part Two

Your eyes widened in shock. Right in front of you was Sans. He looked just as surprised to see you working here.

You could feel tears threatening to come out so you excuse yourself before going right past Grilby and into the back. Once you were there you burst into tears trying to wipe them away quickly.

He's probably not staying, came to check on his real friends. You stopped crying after a few minutes and splashed water on your face before going back to him.

"How can I help you?" You asked with a fake smile and Sans paused.

"One bottle of ketchup." he said as he sat down obviously not gonna move from that spot easily. You nodded and took one of the ketchup bottle from the counter and gave it to him.

He thanked you and there was an awkward silence. So you attempted to leave.

"Hold on. wait. Can we talk?" he asked as you stopped and glanced at Grilby.

"I can take over." he told you strictly making you sigh in defeat. You silently agreed before going and sitting down next to Sans.

Him being near reminded you of you always blushing a lot like an idiot whenever he hugged you or protected you. The tears were returning.

"I'm sorry." he whispered but loud enough for you to hear him. You got angry at what he said for some reason. You squeezed your fist tightly trying not to yell at him.

He kept going unaware of your attempts.

"I wish I could've left a note. A letter. Something." he said with a sigh and set his bottle of ketchup down.

"But you didn't." You muttered and it didn't stop there sadly enough.

"Instead of saying good bye you upped and left. No note. No apologies. Not even to your closest friend." You said harshly but he didn't look at you when you said that.

"Am I suppose to forgive you? You coming back once doesn't make up for all those times I cried and needed you there for comfort! I won't forgive you or won't forget either.

" You said before getting up and running out of the restaurant.

You were crying as you ran, the tears were running down your face but you kept going until your breath was heavy and your lungs burned screaming for air.

You stopped and slowed to a walk now shivering. You realized you left your jacket at Grilby's and cursed yourself for not leaving with everything.

You had more problems on the way because a group of humans (Yes, their on the Surface) were near an alleyway and spotted you. They immediately headed your way and this made you scared.

You never fought anyone before, only during training.

You tried to hurry to Toriel's to be safe but they caught up to you and pushed to against the alley's walls. "Aw, she looks so scared~" One guy taunted you.

"But she shouldn't be, yet~" The second guy had a knife and the first had a gun but the third was unbuttoning his pants and trying to force your clothes off. They were planning to rape you!

Tears had returned and you thought this was the worse way to go when you heard someone yelling. Your head hit the wall and you were knocked out.

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