Ocs (Undertale Ocs) Part One
Ocs (Undertale Ocs) Part One sketchbook stories

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I'll be showing my Ocs here that I made for Undertale and their backstories! This one will be difficult to explain though..

Ocs (Undertale Ocs) Part One

Okay I'll be literal with you. I am so sorry! His name is Alpha Sans and I'm apologizing because about a month into his development as my newest oc....I realized there was a Sans named Alpha. But if it makes you guys feel better you can help me choose a new name for him! But until then, and I'm still sorry for this, I'll have to keep it as Alpha Sans.

Okay, so! Some things about the picture: 1: Yes those are the humans souls. I haven't colored it yet. The two at the bottom are his Chara's and Frisk's souls. And the one on top of theirs is his. The rest of the upside down ones are his Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Mettaton, Asgore, and Toriel's souls. 2: His brother's scarf is long, get used to it lol

3: Why are the souls around him like that? Well I'll get to that I promise. Okay so stuff about him. He's very powerful, just like Ink and Error. He's not really nice or mean, he's a complete rogue. He'd kill whoever he had to and spare the rest. He's age is about...idk 18-20? Let me know what you guys think about his age bc idk.

And this guy's clothing is like Frisk's (the stripes on the jacket) and I made it like that to show...dangit it makes more sense when I tell his backstory. Okay, let me start easy. His name is Alpha, his Frisk's name is Nora (Focus on the r), and his Chara's name is Nova (Focus on the v). Que love story and romance since Nora and him fell in love and stuff.

But Nova loved him and didn't like that. Since Nora and her were very powerful her magic, yeah you heard right, m a g i c, turned dark. Like Nightmare Sans. She went and corrupted the original Sans and started killing everyone in her AU controlling him as she did so. She was in Judgement Hall when Nora and Alpha went to fight her. Alpha told Nora to leave but she didn't and she got killed.

Alpha didn't take this well and took her soul to fight Nova. He defeated her with the human souls. He absorbed her soul, and Classic Sans was knocked unconscious when he took her soul. So basically, since both of them were dead AND he had the human souls this was pretty much uncontrollable godly power that his AU just couldn't handle.

His AU collapsed. Everyone wasn't really dying but their souls were becoming with his like the rest he took and his AU wasn't erased but broken into pieces instead. All that was left was The Ruins but even THAT was ruined. There was no more life in it and all that was left was a beautiful flower. He kept good care of it no matter what and when he touched it he could see the Old Ruins again.

So you understand the stripes thing now? Since they are all one he can see Nora and Nova's ghosts. He travels the AUs trying to find a way to bring them back. So what's the extra part? Glad you asked or didn't asked! XD Since he has different colored souls, his power is based off his emotions. When he gets mad his outfit turns red and his eyes, yes EYES, turns red as well.

He becomes more violent and his attacks are REALLY strong. Same thing when he's happy, sad, and depressed is gray. But when he's just the norm he's pretty much wearing a sort of colorful yet plain outfit. I think that explains a lot. He smokes and loves brownies also. And thanks so much for listening! Yeah it's sort of like a knock off from Cross but not really if you think about it.

Okay, I'll stop rambling now. Dang, there are TOO many slides. I might make a Sans x reader for you guys! Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! (PS: Don't ask why I'm up so early/so late.) Alpha out!

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