A Rape Murderer and his Daughter
A Rape Murderer and his Daughter rape stories

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Rape murderer Al Parker gets a surprise visit in the woods by someone special when he is digging his victims grave... His daughter!

A Rape Murderer and his Daughter

The teenage bitch is almost buried.

One last dig with the shovel in the woods.

Al Parker looks proudly at his handy work. And smiles.

No one could ever tell a 15 year old schoolgirl was buried here.

"So... Was she any good, daddy?"

"What the...??!"

Out of the shadows behind a tree, Al Parker's 15 year old daughter Rebecca Parker steps out.

"Rebecca?!! What the... What are you doing out here?"

"I could ask you the same thing daddy?"

"How... how long have you been standing there?!"

"Pretty much from the 'NO NO! Please. I am a virgin--'"

"Shit! Shit--"

"To the 'UUuuh, uuuuh, oh yeah, I can tell... so tight. Feels good and--"

"Aww, Fuck I--"

"And trough the 'Now start digging young lady!'"


"And the grand finale 'BONK! BONK! BONK! Take that you little whore!!'"

"Look. It's not what it seems."

"Oh. Okay if you say so daddy."

The cold October wind blows in the trees. Al Parker shivers. Plan B, dear brain of mine? Please, for the love of God!

Rebecca gets a lump in her throat that is about to burst.

"So, are you going to rape and murder me too now daddy?"

"What?! No! No, of course not! You are my daughter! Why would I?"

"Then just murder me then?"


"Really? Really? You promise not to?"

"Of course not!"

"Oh thank god."

Rebecca runs toward her dad and hugs him tight.

Al Parker, dazed and confused, hugs her back.

All the while... still holding his shovel.

Rebecca begins to cry in her father's arms.

"There there now, daddy didn't mean to scare you... awww fuck... FUUUUCK!"

"What daddy?" Rebecca says, with tears in her eyes.

"We'll... I'm going to go to prison for a very, very, long time. Oh, you'll be completely fatherless."

"Not... necessarily."


"Well. I mean. you haven't killed me yet."

"AND I am not GOING TO!"

"Well... If I make it home alive--"

"You will!"

"And I wake up in the morning--"


"Then... I really don't see a good reason... to involve the police."

Al Parker looks suspiciously at his daughter.

"You... don't?"


Al Parker takes a step to the side, and stares at his daughter in confusal.

"Wha... Why... Exactly... would you not call the police?"

Rebecca rolls her shoulders in a big teenage daughter "whatever who really cares" kinda look.

Al Parker almost screams.

"I just RAPED and MURDERED a girl your age??!"

"Yes. Well--"

"You do UNDERSTAND the SEVERITY of that?"


"Then why in heaven's name--"

"Well if it is THAT important to you, sure I'll call them. But I'd rather not!"

Al Parker just stares.

Rebecca continues.

"It would only upset mother for no good reason."

"For... no good reason?"

"Daddy... do you even know WHO you fucked to death?"


"She's in my class. She's a classmate of mine."

"What... noo... oh god. You're friends? Shit... what a lousy lousy lousy father I am--"

"Dammit daddy! If she was my FRIEND, don't you think that you would have remembered her? That I would have at least ONCE in a while brought her by our house??!"

"You mean she... she's not a friend then. That she... perhaps..."

Al Parker starts to get that famous slow "before the aha" signal-from-the-brain look of his on his face.

The light bulb above Al Parker's starts to shine. Shiiine!

"She's been... MEAN... to you hasn't she?"

"Mean to me?! MEAN TO ME?! The little bitch has been bullying me all since preschool!"

"She has?"

"Yes! She's called me fat, a slut, a whore, a smelly whore, the class whore, the school whore... mattress, skank--"

"Why haven't you told me?"

Rebecca looks down.

"There's a lot of things a daughter never tells her dad. Or mother. Nor anyone else for that matter."

"You know... If I had known--"

"I think we both know what would have happened if you had known."

Rebecca giggles and her father starts laughing.

Then stone cold silence again.

"About the whoring part though--"

"Dad! I didn't! I just made out with a few guys--"

"A few...?"

"Dad! So, you're going to take her side now?! You really think YOU have the right to lecture me on sexual morality... now?"

"Uh, well... I... just don't want to see you get hurt."

"Just because the bitch called me a whore doesn't mean I've been one! She started rumors. Just to fuck with me. Most not even true. Why. I am even still a virgin."

"You are?"

"Yes! And so was she. And she KNEW I was. Didn't stop you now did it??!" Rebecca yells at the ground beneath them. "Now WHO is the WHORE??!" Rebecca yells at the grave in front of her.

And stomps with her feet on top of it. "Whore! Whore WHOOORE!!!"

Al Parker starts to realize, that the perhaps not-so-intact gene pool he has inherited, might just have been passed on to his daughter.

"Okay, that's enough. Someone might hear you... in the nearby TOWN."

"Oh... sorry daddy."

Rebecca starts whispering instead.

"Felt good when daddy fucked you didn't it?! You fucking bitch! You fuckin' fucking--"

Al Parker finally asks the question that has bothered him all since his daughter stepped out of the woods.

"HOW did you even GET out here Rebecca? We are MILES and MILES from home? There's not a living soul for hours of driving."

"Oh yeah... about that... I was in the car all along."

"In... the car?"

"Yeah. The backseat."

Al Parker looks at his car. The big truck's back seat is still stacked full of clothes and boxes and things since the clean out of their old house. It's practically brimming over.

Rebecca continues.

"I was lying down, behind the boxes. Underneath the clothes. As soon as I saw you get into the car."

"Why were you HIDING?"

"Well... You're not alone in feeling you need to greatly distance yourself from your family when you have needs."

Al Parker blinks.

"I was fingering myself okay?!! I used the car so no one would walk in on me in my room! Then YOU show up in the garage! And I haven't even got my pants on! And the whole car smells of my...

! P... possesions. So I dug underneath all the boxes and clothes in the last minute. And then you started driving. And driving. And I was too embarrassed.

I thought I'd sneak out once you had parked. But you NEVER parked. Instead...

you go and find my bully! Out of all the people??! And I am naked! Underneath mom's old jackets! And you're FLIRTING with her. I wanted to MURDER you."

"Hmmm... I see--"

"And you were like telling her 'I'll drive you to your house for a hug'!"

"Uuh", Al Parker says, "this is kind of awkward--"

"And she's like 'Giggle giggle. I don't know!'"

"And you're like 'How about I throw in a kiss'."

"'Mmm... how old are you anyway?' 'Old enough to be your father.'"

Al Parker interrupts.

"About that--"

"Yes, what about that?"

"It has NOTHING to do with you."

"Yes well, either way... 'Oh, where are we going... this is not a good way to my house!' Hahaha. The stupid little bitch."


"'What are you doing? You only said a hug and a kiss! Stop it! No, no, please... I am a virgin--' Hahahahaha! Do you KNOW hard it was to stop myself from laughing out loud? Oh God."

"Yes, well... I know the rest... so no reason to tell me about it--"

"'Stop it! It hurts! You're too big! No I.. I... Uuh.. Uuh... Uuuuuuuuuuh' And she CAME and all! She came! While you raped her! All blushed and everything! The little whore.

Oh, I was so very very amused."

Amused? Al Parker thinks. Amused? I think those not-so-intact genes of mine, just might have deteriorated further.

"Well, amused and scared of course. But it was like you were reading my thoughts when you started bitch slapping her and hitting her and calling her a whore! Oh god.

It was everything I ever wanted to happen to that mean, cold hearted, think-I-am-so-popular, stupid, dumb, bitch, CUNT of a--"

"Yes well, can we please change the subject?"

"Oh. I'm sorry. It just was... It was like it wasn't even you daddy! Like another person entirely."


"Well anyway. So when you FINALLY got out of the car, I snuck out the other way. Then, I realized, I have no idea where the hell we are, nor how to get home.

And you were keeping watch forever around you--"

"Well. You've got to make sure there are no witnesses."

"Right! But that meant I couldn't get BACK into the CAR! And I didn't want to get left out here, to wander around forever to my death... So. I decided to just reveal myself to you."

"I see."

Silence again.

"So", says Al Parker, "Where do we go from here?"

"Home?" Rebecca says.

"Good idea."

To be continued

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