Should I tell him?

Should I tell him? love stories

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I have no idea if you have advice but..

Should I tell him?

I have this guy I like you guys.

But he has a girlfriend,

and I am new to the school,

and my bff at my new school

used to date him.

I don't know what to do

his name is Camren.

He's so funny. But...

I can't tell him because of

the experiences I have had before

I just can't.

My bff burst out laughing when I told her

because I had no idea she dated him too

she doesn't mind but...

what do I do?

Should I tell him? What if he just wants to be friends? What if I ruin what we have? He hangs out with so many girls

and we have a minecraft world together at school...

but does he like me?

I don't know if you have advice but...

I need some.

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