Not My Fault ~ Part 3
  Not My Fault ~ Part 3  love stories

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Third installment of "Not My Fault". An enticing love story about two young adult lovers who the world is working against.

Not My Fault ~ Part 3

As I walked home, my mind still swirling, I tried to make since of the thoughts ripping through my head.. What the heck, Victor? Anger fills me and I want to smash something.

I quickly realize it's not Victor I'm mad at, it's his father. Tears stream down my cheeks. I feel something smash against me and I fall to the ground.

I quickly wipe away the tears as I realize a boy on the ground opposite of me. "Sorry," I grumble, refusing to look at him. He smiles. "Ah, your good." I whip my head up, hearing the voice.

"Andrew?" I ask in awe. He looks into my eyes. "April?" I heave myself up. This can't be. My sixth grade crush just had to show up now?

Ahhhh! So short! I am so sorry! I am really busy and this is all I can write for now.

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