Mythical Storms ☢️ALERT☢️

Mythical Storms 

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alostwriter Αν έφυγα θα νοιαζόταν κάποιος?
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Two more characters needed!

Mythical Storms ☢️ALERT☢️

Before we start my series, Mythical Storms, I would like to say, we still need two more characters!!

I need a character for The Prince and The Brother, the prince is the main character and the brother is well, the prince's brother! I am so surprised no one has taken the prince yet!

One person did take the brother but, that was MY brother irl, and he's unable to so...

Anyway! If you are in the list below, you already have a part and cannot take either of these others.


If you would like me to make a new character for you please describe them and I will absolutely make it!

The Rebel- @goldenphoenix The Shy One- @wafflecatz The Queen- barnacle_bones The Prisoner- @elleseng The Mute- @await_alive If you have recently changed your name please let me know!!

For more info please check the original post....


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