Heromione's Diary..
Heromione's Diary.. harry potter stories

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I am collaborating with @dracomalfoywif for this series please go check out his characters point of view! I hope you enjoy this series!

Heromione's Diary..

I walk down the hall rushing to my next class as Harry and Ron lag behind. Oh, those boys.

I'm always early! How could this have happened? Then I hear a commotion behind me and swivel around to see Harry on top of Claire.

The girl has cut her skirt so short! And her robes? Now a croptop. I flash a disgusted look at Ron. "Bloody hell! Harry get off of her!" Ron exclaims.

I huff and turn on my heel to head to my class, before Professor Mcgonagall reaches the scene. Harry and Ron catch up with me. "Heromione, there's nothing wrong with a bit of style."

Ron says still looking behind him. I scoff as we enter the class. Wait, could Ron like Claire? I think as I take a seat. Augh, nevermind that it's all drama. Why do I care?

I am collaborating with a writer called @dracomalfoywif on this series! Please check out his characters point of view too!

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