Hermione's Diary PART 3
Hermione's Diary PART 3 fan fic stories
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Part 3 of my collab with @dracomalfoywif!!

Hermione's Diary PART 3

Once again I am walking to class with the boys when Harry breaks off from the two of us. "Uhm, I'll be right back, guys," he hurries away. I wave.

Why is he in such a rush? Hmm, come to think of it, I haven't seen Claire today. Ron enters the class. I quickly reverse direction and Ron questions what I'm doing.

"I left something in the common room!" I call to him.

It's a lie but what else could I say? I'm following Harry to figure out if he's talking to the girl of whom's you broke her heart? I catch up and find Harry and Claire hugging.

Harry gives the girl a crooked smile and walks off, blushing! Blushing?! Jealousy, anger and rage fill me as I ball my hands into fists. Why am I so jealous of her? I stand there open mouthed and just stare at Claire.

She simply glances around as if to see if anyone was watching, I duck out of view.

Then with out thinking I clutch my books tightly to my chest and swivel around indignantly and head toward the direction of my class. Claire turns to look at me but I continue my stride.

When I get to class, Harry and Ron are already there. I triumphantly take my seat.

After class I pass by Claire again. Without thinking, one of the most nasty things I have ever said pops out of my mouth as I place my hands on my hips and stare at her disgustedly.

"Just because Ron doesn't like you doesn't mean you have to go after Harry too!" I say sourly. "What are you talking about?" she asks seeming genuinely puzzled.

I roll my eyes and say something the Dark Lord would probably be proud of.

"I saw you this morning when you hugged him, stop being such a skank!!" I feel eyes on me, but continue to stare Claire down, could Harry be watching?

I clap my hand over my mouth and open it to say sorry when I feel her hand collide with my cheek in a swift movement. She says something but my ears are ringing as she walks off.

I drop to the ground with the force of her slap but stand back up triumphantly pushing Harry and Ron away when they try to assist me with picking up my books.

I huff and look around the hall, Hufflepuffs, Slytherins, Ravenclaws of all ages, and even fellow housemates are staring at me disgustedly.

I open my mouth but close it again as my vision blurs from tears, they drop down my face as I rush off to the restroom.

I am collaborating with an awesome writer for this series so please go check out Claire's side of the story on their account; @dracomalfoywif I hope you enjoyed!

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