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alonerUsing words as drawings. Just call me C.
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Daily thoughts on words. Just a little something I quickly threw together.
All likes and comments are appreciated! Thanks!


by aloner

It's funny what words can do.

They're the most powerful tool known to mankind.

Words can create pictures setting the mind free.

Or they can cage the mind.

Words can give feeling.

Words can take feeling.

They can create a person

Or completely shatter them.

They can bring hope.

They can bring despair.

There's a problem with words.

There's no word to describe what they can do.

The words form sentences.

Sentences into paragraphs.

Paragraphs into pages.

Pages into chapters.

Chapters into a book.

We take the weapon only to use it everyday.

Yet, no one knows that they're using it.

I can only say this though

Choose your words wisely.

For words,

Can be the downfall of everyone.

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