To the end and back.
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aloner Hi! I write garbage. You can call me C.
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To the end and back.

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To the end and back.

by aloner

Vast walls stretch up, surrounding an individual.

They run their fingertips along the stone as they walk.

There seems to be no end.

Every corner there seems to be more turns.

Left, right.

Left or right?

But the individual seems to just stroll

And the walls seem to refine itself with every turn.

Tips of fingers are losing their touch

Their prints wearing down.

Feet starting to drag.

Pace slows.

All to reach the end.

Is there even an end?

An opening emerged in the wall.

An end.

Turning, they looked back.

Remembering the labyrinth they went through.

Walking through only to see

More walls.

More turns.

Left, right.

Left or right?

We've reached the end

Only to be back.

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