Night Time
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aloner Hi! I write garbage. You can call me C.
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Night Time. All likes and comments are appreciated! Thx!

Night Time

by aloner

The sun slips under the horizon and along with it,

all the warm colors.

Depending where you are,

everything is calm, or restless.

You may be in a city.

A city that doesn't even notice it's dark, everything is bright and constantly moving like it's day.

The mountains.

A place where creatures chatter among themselves. A place where only the stars and moon light nature's surroundings.

A desert.

Where the cold takes over a hot day and few creatures come out from hiding.

A meadow.

Where crickets sing and cold breezes make the grass wave.

The ocean.

The waves crash harder as the tide comes in, trying to reach further than it did yesterday.

A suburb.

Where the children are asleep and everything is quiet except, the occasional car driving down the orange-lit street.

Wherever you are, it's night.

You may be asleep, awake, or thinking about other places at night.

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